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Phantom Speaks

The Trident Gurgaon’s spacious all day dining restaurant sits under a magnificent crimson and gold dome at the lobby level. Like the rest of the hotel, Cilantro has a very contemporary feel, with the restaurant extending on to a broad verandah overlooking landscaped gardens and water bodies. The restaurant’s menu trots across the globe and boasts fine Mediterranean, Thai and Indian cuisines. Its central feature is a wood-fired pizza oven, along with live pasta stations and hot and cold food stations. Cilantro is a coffee shop for the business traveller but succeeds in providing a gourmet experience as well.

User Reviews on Cilantro , Trident, Gurgaon

Posted on: 10 Jan, 2017

Simply Awesome at Cilantro

The food at this restaurant was amazing.....Specially the starters.....The ambience of the restaurant was also very refreshing and vibrant....I had a great evening with my friends at this place
..I would say it is a perfect getaway place for some great delicacies.....One can also try the desserts which are on offer.....

Posted on: 04 Jan, 2017

Consistently an amazing experience at Cilantro

Visited the restaurant after a gap of nearly a year. Happy to report that the quality and experience has not deteriorated, in fact has improved. Over time.
The spread is wide but excessive. However, the variety is well balanced, is very satiating and appears to be very widespread and large. Each dish is very well prepared.

All in all, an excellent experience

Posted on: 04 Jan, 2017

Excellent at Cilantro

The place is superb with Great Hospitality . To start with on a lazy afternoon it was only us in the restaurant in a nice peaceful setting and perfect for Romantic Date. We had Opted for Lunch Buffet which had loads of Varieties with Special Mention for Salads and desserts. To start with Salads ,Pizza and North Indian Fish and Chicken Tikkas were superb. Pasta was done Al-Dante but not to my Liking . In the main Course i liked everything except North Indian food .May it was because of Heavy stuffing of Starters and sweets ( Me Being Sweet tooth) i didn't feel like tasting many of the Things. I opted for Thai Green Curry with some Egg rice which was good. Overall a Good Experience and now Looking forward for the visit again with my Kids but for Sunday Brunch which i heard of a lot.

Posted on: 26 Dec, 2016

Super Time at Cilantro

It was my daughter's 3rd bday and we chose this place because of its quietness, serenity, super courteous staff and great food. We were 8 people and my parents loved the calmness inside the premise. The blue water and the greenery attracts the attention. Since it was Christmas time, the interiors were beautifully decorated too. The chef offered a complimentary cake for my kiddo and it was super delicious. Needless to say the spread was good and the food was flavorful. Highlight is the pizza which is freshly done in woodfire. However FULL MARKS goes to the staff: i remember a few names Thelisa, Gaurav, Seher...They plus the entire team was so courteous that they made a separate dish for my mother who doesn't eat onion and garlic: Not only that they also prepared a fresh soup only for her. The entire family was super impressed with the overall ambience, courteousness, food of the place. Love it and will keep coming back

Posted on: 20 Dec, 2016

Cilantro never disappoints at Cilantro

I used my points for this amazing buffet for two today and it was amazing . As we entered we were warmly greeted by the hostess who lead the way to our pre booked table . A perfect winter day to be pampered with royalty . Great ambience of the place as it feels very royal , delicious food selection in the buffet items but i was amazed that they don't serve drinks with the price they charge except for coffee which you can ask for. There were enough options for non veg lovers with fish , chicken , mutton , though I noticed that the vegetarian options could be better. Will recommend this place to my family and friends as well . Try all the deserts they are great ,great innovation by the chefs in terms of the presentation .

Posted on: 17 Dec, 2016

Review at Cilantro

It was a good experience . The staff is courteous, food is good and property is excellent . The buffet had a variety of options including, salads, veg, non veg starters, soups . Live pasta and pizza was also a part of buffet which is a unique thing to see. Other than this, the main course had a variety of options for Indian , chinese and continental. The desserts were also different. Would love to visit again

Posted on: 13 Dec, 2016

Superb at Cilantro

The best part of this whole experience was the royal ambiance and the really great service.
I went here for a lunch buffet on a weekday and the buffet has the following sections, in order:
1. Salads and cold cuts
2. Soup
3. Italian - pizza and pasta
4. Indian starters
5. Indian Main course
6. Desserts

Salads were the best part. I'm not much of a salads person but the salads here were not just fresh cut pieces of fruits and veggies, each small bowl is a very fine appetizer with the salad as it's base. The vegetable juices and the hummus also deserve a special mention.
Mushroom soup was delightful and an absolute must try.
After this my expectations were quite raised but the rest of the food did not live up to them.
Pizza was OK, pasta was under cooked and bland.
There were only two Indian starters though dahi kebabs were really good, there should have been at least a few more starters.
The main course spread was lavish but the food tastes very average. I think that dal makhani is a must foe any good mughlai spread and its absence was a disappointment. Rajma was okay, the veggies were barely average.
The dessert sections gives the illusion of grandeur but when you actually start eating it, there are only a few things which are enjoyable, that is the chocolate pudding and a dish whose name I don't member but was a white chocolate cookie which was pretty delicious. The rest of the desserts could have been skipped.

Posted on: 14 Nov, 2016

Beautyyy! at Cilantro

We got a voucher from eazydiner for free lunch at Cilantro, the trident!
It is such an amazing place! It is picturesque! I loved everything about that place. Food was amazing and the staff was very courteous! I loved the italian live corner which serbed risotto pasta and pizza! Dessert table was out if the world! Thankyou eazydiner

Posted on: 10 Nov, 2016

Serenity at Cilantro

This is such a serene place. I totally fell in love with the place. Also, the decor is amazing!! I just loved the furniture, decor and the infrastructure!! The staff was very welcoming and helpful. Thanks to eazy diner! I had a free complimentary voucher and went there for lunch. Te food had a lot of variety and the taste didn't let me down! Kudos to Cilantro

Posted on: 08 Nov, 2016

Fantastic at Cilantro

What fascinated me the most about this place were the scooter seating arrangement that they have in their balcony! It's something very innovative and cool! Coming to the food, it was of good quality but of very less quantity!
This cafe is actually very big as compared to other cafs in Sector 29.
They have separate areas with unique themes to suit your mood! Overall it was a good experience to be here!

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About Cilantro

Cilantro in the Trident Hotel at Udyog Vihar, Gurgaon is unlike most hotel coffee shops with its sophisticated interiors and large bay windows overlooking the fountain court. The Sunday champagne brunch is very popular and the handmade thin-crust pizzas which are made live in the Australian wood fired pizza oven are also an attraction. This all day dining serves some of the best European and Indian delicacies as well. The Indian food is known to have the same high quality as its neighbouring Indian speciality restaurant saffron.

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