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The Grand, Nelson Mandela Road, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi
786 100 4444
For two : Rs 3000

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22 /30
IT Reviewed by Eazydiner Critic


A free glass of Sangria per person
Vir's Verdict

This is a relatively new addition to the Grand's repertoire, taking the place of Brix, its ambitious European restaurant. Though IT bills itself as an Italian restaurant (IT? Short for Italian! Get it?) it is really a pizza and pasta place. That said, the pastas are of a high quality and though the pizzas could do with a little tweaking, they are generally satisfying. The chef is Indian, which may surprise you, given the authenticity of the pastas.

Insider Tips on IT

  • When it opened, this hotel was the Grand Hyatt and the menu here may remind you of La Piazza at the Hyatt Regency. It is the same formula
  • The Sunday brunch is good value though it may make sense to charge non-drinkers a little less. But the wines are very drinkable
  • You may have difficulty finding the restaurant. It is not well signposted. So, ask

Map of IT, The Grand, New Delhi

Map of IT

User Reviews on IT, The Grand, New Delhi

  • Karishma Dutt
  • Best italian food at IT

    • User Rating
    Posted on : 29 Mar, 2016

    This is an amazing place if you are looking for authentic and refined Italian food , especially something that is not limited to pizzas and pastas. if you are looking to spend for high quality food this is the place to go to. do try their rock lobster rissotto and the cheese stuffed polenta. though you might be pretty full after your meat do not forget to leave space for desserts, as they do some yummy sweet treats like the lemon tart and amaretto strawberry zuccoto.

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    About IT

    ‘IT’ is the new Italian restaurant to join The Grand, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, repertoire. IT replace the hotel’s European restaurant Brix and has quickly managed to wiggle in the hearts of gastronome. You would be amazed to know the chef of IT is Indian considering the authenticity of the pastas. The way to restaurant is not signposted so ask the staff to guide you. You would straight away notice the European influence in the décor. The dark wooden beam ceiling is lighted up with LED candles and the room itself is flanked by large picture windows. Though the dark ceiling should shrink the room it doesn’t happen. Instead the wide room is airy and somewhat beautiful to be in. Semi private dining areas can easily host your large party piling them with good food and lovely wines. IT makes a wonderful place for a romantic dinner surrounded by the exotic ambience.

    The menu of IT is completely Italian so expect to see every kind of pastas and pizzas. Not very extensive the menu is a collection of beloved recipes starting with antipasti. Fried seafood & apple salad, smoked salmon with onion rings, cocktail of prawn with thousand island dressing, chicken paprika soup, buffalo tenderloin carpaccio, assorted lettuce salad, cream soup with porcini mushroom, baby spinach ricotta pudding, bruschetta and asparagus & prawn soup. No Italian meal is done without some pasta. Revel in spinach ravioli & mushroom tortellini in pink sauce, penne with smoked salmon, pumpkin gnocchi, exotic vegetable lasagne with tomato sauce, torchittie with vegetables in pink saice and rigatoni with chicken in alfredo sauce. Risotto like primavera, smoked chicken lamb risotto and porcini mushroom risotto is your other obvious choice to pair with smooth glass of wine.

    IT will present you various options in mains section. You will find out the delicious, grilled lobster & jumbo prawn in white wine, spicy seafood bouillabaisse, Muscovy confit duck, tender chicken picatta with wine sauce, marsala infused braised lamb shank, tenderloin in basil jus, cheese stuffed polenta with sautéed spinach & mushroom, salmon & snapper steak in saffron almond sauce, stuffed chicken breast in basil jus and sea bass fillet in capper butter sauce. Pizzas with multiple toppings can also be savoured. Italian desserts like, apple tart & chocolate mousse, tiramisu, pannacotta and lemon tart & amaretto flavoured strawberry zuccotto, can be tried out. IT is expensive but a memorable experience worth having once.