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Jamie's Italian


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Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi
For two : Rs 1500

This price is indicative & exclusive of taxes


23 /30
Jamie's Italian Reviewed by Eazydiner Critic


Sourish Speaks

Jamie’s Italian may have a stripped-down industrial look, which is now very much in vogue, but its heart and soul are in the right place. The moment you step into India’s first Jamie’s Italian, you cannot miss the buzz and the conviviality all around you. These are early days and curiosity is at its peak, but I get the feeling that the restaurant will keep clocking numbers — its food is accessible, the seating intimate and informal, the pricing comfortable, and the constant activity in the open kitchen accentuates the sense of anticipation. Jamie Oliver is a great believer in comfort food, and in the supremacy of ingredients, and you can see the philosophy at work in the 120-seater restaurant, where you are encouraged to sit on the benches to partake of a community-style meal. Start with funky chips and arancini (Sicilian rice balls — they brought back memories of my last visit to Sicily), share a misti funghi pizza, choose between Jamie’s sausage pappardelle and our famous prawn linguine, which comes packed with the goodness of San Marzano tomatoes, (or have both) with polenta chips on the side, and make sure you don’t leave without digging the baked cheesecake. You will go back with the feeling of wanting to come back soon.

Insider Tips on Jamie's Italian

  • Ask to be seated near the open kitchen so that you can build up your appetite seeing the Chefs at work
  • The selection of pizzas is limited to four, but share at least one to understand why they are famous
  • Jamie’s doesn’t have a bar licence yet, but when it gets one, you can pair your meal with either a Fratelli, the restaurant’s exclusive Indian wine partner, or one of the popular Italian wine labels on the menu

Map of Jamie's Italian, Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj

Map of Jamie's Italian

User Reviews on Jamie's Italian, Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj

  • Awesome at Jamie's Italian

    • User Rating
    Posted on : 12 Sep, 2016

    Such a refreshing change to have really fresh ingredients served on the table.. Maybe I'm a biased Jamie's fan, but the Italian restaurant at vasant kunj did not disappoint.. With lots of amazing fresh cheeses used in the menu, it was a trip down memory lane to Italy..

    Must try: the vegetarian grilled platter

  • Shreya Jain
  • Overpriced at Jamie's Italian

    • User Rating
    Posted on : 04 Sep, 2016

    Quite overpriced.

    Small portions.
    Average taste!
    I had a pizza which had no taste or character. The ambience is nothing to write home about.
    And they took WAY TOO MUCH TAX. On a bill of Rs. 2000, we ended up paying Rs. 3000! That's like a 50% tax. This is insane!

    There are many better places to eat at VK. Don't waste your time and money coming here. This place is way overhyped.

  • Great Pizzas and pasta at Jamie's Italian

    • User Rating
    Posted on : 29 Feb, 2016

    We ordered a chicken pizza which had a great crust, flavourful tomato paste, toppings were less though. The Olio aglio pasta was well flavoured with butter, herbs, garlic, and breadcrumbs. The prawn linguini was delicious too. I love the idea that one can order half-servings for almost half-price. Tiramisu was delicious with a bitter orange flavour coming strongly in it. We also ordered a health food salad and a beetroot-carrot juice, both were bland and boring but that was our mistake to order health food in a Pizzeria !

  • Good food at Jamie's Italian

    • User Rating
    Posted on : 25 Nov, 2015

    Ordered for chicken wings and Pizza, liked the wings as it was spicy and was in a bed of sauce and not dry. <br />Pizza has Good flavours of tomatoes, pickled onion on top gave a different taste all together... However I found the chicken topping was less and the pizza was very dry... Had to ask for extra Virgin olive oil to compete the meal. Brownie was good Taste wise but not served at the right temperature . There were too many wait staff around for this size of restaurant, wasn't clear who should we call for assistance...

  • Anchal Chaudhry
  • what's the hype about!!disheartening! ! at Jamie's Italian

    • User Rating
    Posted on : 03 Nov, 2015

    I took my mother who.loves Italian when she was keen on big chill to this new joint which I was waiting to open. the ambience is very casual however 100 odd covers makes it large enough!I ordered the aranchini margarita which were risotto balls but a tad too dry.then we ordered the her bed chicken.wings the sauce of which was differently spiced and likeable. the pizza we ordered was funghi misti being the only veg option but was just a big naan with toppings which were just rocket leaves and mushrooms which I could count on my hands. disappointed to the core as a last ditch attempt I ordered the baked cheesecake which want the saving grace I expected it to be. the bill whatever it was had a surprise element which I tried clarifying but got no satisfactory had a service charge, service tax,vat which is normal but it had a vat on my service charge a service tax on my service charge something unheard of for me...people tell me if I am missing something here ....overall an experience not to be repeated!!!

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