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Tian - Asian Cuisine Studio
ITC Maurya, New Delhi

4.9 based on 7 reviews
Critic Rating
Rs 3000 for two
This price is indicative and exclusive of taxes
Pan Asian
Today, 07:00 PM to 11:45 PM
ITC Maurya, Diplomatic Enclave, Sardar Patel Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi


  • Though Roy is a Japanese chef by training, the Chinese stir frying is among the best in Delhi
  • The desserts are a speciality especially the chocolate version which is made on the table with much drama
  • Service, under manager Anurodh Samal, is knowledgeable, discreet and efficient

Vir's Verdict


Vikramjeet Roy has been Chennai’s hottest chef since the Pan Asian opened in that city a year ago. Now he’s back in Delhi with this astonishingly good restaurant, mixing Chinese, Thai and Japanese flavours with molecular touches and his own awesome imagination. Only open for dinner, this is a funky, special occasion restaurant. Roy can do regular food or the full molecular magic show with smoke and ice should you want it.

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User Reviews on Tian - Asian Cuisine Studio, ITC Maurya, New Delhi

Vishaka Beriwala
Posted on : 12 Sep, 2016
☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Great experience
Finally tried the much talked about Asian cuisine at Tian.  With modern plating, a 8-course tasting menu and other fun gastronomic gimmicks. Definitely a must try for Asian food lovers.  Its good quality food done with clean and authentic flavours, cant talk about the drinks as I visited on a dry day and wasn't drinking

Varun Arora
Posted on : 03 Jul, 2016
☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Very nice experience !!
We ordered the tasting menu .The presentation of the dishes was good but few dishes had some elements which could have been avoided. Overall it was a delicious course of meal that we had.we loved the ambience and the service was very courteous. Must visit if you like Asian food off course with a twist

Gautam Gyanchandani
Posted on : 10 Jan, 2016
☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
One of the best around!
So me and a friend decided to visit this restaurant at the terrace of ITC Maurya hotel last night since we both love Chinese and Thai food! We sat in the open terrace area which is made so well with heater and fountain in the background. It has 2 sets of menu. A la Carte as well as 3 different set menus to choose from created by celebrity chef Vikramjit Roy. It's not your regular Chinese food but an amazing fusion of Asian cuisine ! We chose for the A la Carte menu. The food was more like an art, the staff knew the food really well and explained each dish in detail. Loved the starters as well the main course. And with one of the best location and ambience in Delhi, it's a win win place! Would highly recommend it and surely visit it again soon!

Deboneil Dutt
Posted on : 12 Nov, 2015
☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
One of the best restaurants of India - Michelin start level
Tian is truly an experience not just your normal fine dining. It can be compared to a Michelin Star restaurant. The food is unique , ambiance is great and the service is impeccable. Finally come this special review of mine. I have been to many fine dining restaurants all over delhi but I hadn't been to Tian till this day. Being been in Bukhara,West view,Pavilion,Dum Pukht the main restaurants of ITC multiple times it was time that I tried Tian. My dad himself has been here many times and had promised me to take here but we couldn't make time to go here for a family dinner or Sunday lunch. Yes , Tian is open for Sunday lunch . I am also very excited writing this review as this would make me an expert in Sardar Patel Marg as well. Here goes my review :- Tian is located on the top floor of ITC Maurya this is one of the most beautiful restaurants in the whole of Delhi. If one sees ITC Maurya at night from outside they can see Tian from outside with the light up entrance area , the studio style lights and the background. Located on the middle of top floor ,right of west view is the entrance of Tian. Once you enter there is a small glass waterfall with Tian written in the red colour and the studio style lightings. As we confirmed our reservation a server came to pick us and seat us. The seats were just massive and beautiful. They looked very beautiful and were very comfortable too . The seats are very big so the server even offered my mom a cushion to sit back and relax easily . Next came the manager anurodh to our table and greeted us . He is even the manager of West View so knew us very well but most of the time was overlooking Tian. My dad being a regular here was talking to him generally. By the time their conversation ended our server had brought and given us the menu . Tian had quite a lot of options in the menu. There is an ala carte with a very beautiful styling and a unique naming scheme to it. Tian Asian Cuisine Studio has its menu and food like a movie or art or play or theatre as one might say . The menu opens like a big leaflet and starts off with an introduction to the restaurant , its theme and the master chef Vikramjit Roy .The menu has its starters, soups and salads under the name of Curtain Raiser and further distributed into veg and non veg options distinctly e.g. - tofu,avocado,shellfish,meat etc. The next course is called Star cast while the rice and noodles as side kicks. My dad , the server and the manager suggested us to try the set menus though as for first timers it is an experience one should try. There are 3 set menus with 3 different pricing, number of courses and more exquisite dishes. Trailer 1 is 2500 per head plus taxes, Trailer 2 is 3500 per head plus taxes and Trailer 3 is 5000 per head plus taxes. Honestly all trailers have exquisite items but trailer 1 has very few dishes on the menu , while trailer 3 has only q extra course than trailer 2 and has only one more exquisite dish than trailer 2. Honestly the best trailer is trailer 2 and we opted for that one. The reason we didn't go for trailer 3 is thanks to the beef ban as due to the beef ban few courses which were supposed to have beef weren't available. The server will also ask you if one has any knobs of allergies so that the any time can be switched with something else. While we sat and relaxed over our drinks , the live music started . The lady who was singing had a very melodious voice and sung non stop throughout our meal . She even sang songs requested by people . Before the trailer started I took a walk outside in the deck of the restaurant . Simply beautiful again . A wooden deck with mood lighting , fountains and glass barricades with a small lush green garden is the perfect place for a romantic dinner or for something special. We had requested for a seat outdoor earlier on but were disappointed to know that it was booked out. But luckily I could have a few pictures of the place. It was wonderful with amazing weather. Looking forward in sitting outside next time. Once I came in I looked around the restaurant in the seating areas, there was a main sitting area where we were taking and a few private seating areas. The seats where we were sitting were beautifully setup with wine glasses, decor plates and water glasses too. Soon our decor plates were taken away and my parents were served their red wine while I got my mocktail. It was the special of the day which was a mocktail of pineapple,cranberry juice etc. The mocktail was fresh and sweet , just the way I like it. After this came the Amuse Bouche. It was a three piece amuse Bouche and was supposed to be had in an order. Our server leishpie told us how to eat it @and in which order. It was served beautifully and looked so beautiful that I didn't feel like eating it but rather keeping it as a piece of art. The coconut and kaffir lime compressed blob was first . Yes it looks like a blob but was due to the amazing molecular techniques of the Chef he created such a thing. It was literally impossible to say what it was just by looking. It was a white coconut blob filled with coconut water and topped of with kaffir lime sauce blob and a fresh mint on the top . It was served a very unique and beautiful silver spoon. Our server told us to eat it in one go and yes we did eat in one go. It was just wonderful , unbelievable till now that how can something like this even exist . The moment it burst in the mouth there was this freshness in our mouth and lots of amazing and compelling flavours. It was mind boggling and treat to the taste buds. Next was the tamarind glazed cherry potato . This was served on a wooden two headed stick. This looked like a cherry tomato but even more red in colour because if the glaze. It was also very fresh and had a tangy flavour to it. Very good contrast to the first amuse Bouche. And the last piece of the amuse Bouche was a tomato and coconut based broth . It was warm and Sally weather than cold and fresh. Another amazing combination to the amuse Bouche. It was very tasty and served from a Japanese clay pot to our unique big soup spoons . It was a Thai soup. After this our amuse Bouche platter was taken away and we were served our first course which was the salad . It was an Asparagus & Daikon Fettuccini salad. Another master piece right out of the kitchen. Just unbelievable how someone can make such a beautiful dish. It was a salad made out of Daikon which is a Japanese radish made into fettuccini style pasta. Yes , that's how it was made. There were pieces of asparagus heads inside the salad. The salad was made our of the sweet vinegar dressing. It was kind of sweet and sour dressing and was very fresh too. The salad was also topped off with a Japanese crisp which was the salty but to this complex dish. Few pieces of onions were were on the side too which not just gave a great contrast and vibrant look but even a zing to the taste. There was also a sauce one the top decorated to look like a sun rays . It wasn't there just for show as our server told us that it was the to give a sweet flavour to it too . Finally the dish was completely topped off with truffle dust all over it. That also wasn't just for show but for a salty and exquisite taste and texture too . Our server told us to have the items individually first and then once trying all of them try them together at once and depending of which one likes they should eat that way. We all preferred eating first the slad with onions and then next round the salad with the sauce. Like this we alternated this way many times. It was the best salad I have ever had easily. It was vegetarian and I fell in love with it. After this item was finished I was anticipating the next item . And it was also another superb creation. Unbelievable how did the chef make such a menu and it as perfect from one course to another. On the trailer menu it was name Steamed Prawns with fresh mango pickle. It was served on a glass square plate , beautiful. It was also served as a tic tac format . Yes , there were limes drawn with a sauce and small items on 6 of the boxes of the tic tac format. The do It if the 6 boxes 2 boxes were same , which were the best items of the dish. The first box consisted of a beetroot salad. It was a basic beetroot salad , for the crunch of the whole dish a bit sweet and salty too. Next was the lettuce salad which was also basic lettuce salad but was tossed in the balsamic vinegar dressing for that tangy flavour to it and crunch to the whole thing again. The dish in the last and the sixth box was the mango pickle . It was superb . Just amazing . It was shredded mango with a sweet and sour vinegar dressing which was crunchy and had loads of flavour . Loved It a lot. It was perfect with this course. Now the 5th box consisted of a prawn ravioli with tamarind sauce over it and a yuzu foam. The prawn ravioli was impeccable . The ravioli was filled up with loads of prawns inside it and topped of tamarind sauce. The yuzu foam wasn't just for show but for flavour and texture. The texture was very silky and with the ravioli texture it went perfectly. The foam was spicy like the menu said and was very interesting. The tamarind sauce was not only sour but sweet too. But now comes the best part of the dish which was on 2 spots third and the fourth spot. But in the whole dish I would rate it as the number one.It was a steam roll of prawns stuffed with a sweet mango pickle . It was standing on top of a sweet cucumber and had a piece of beetroot for decor and crunch to the ultra soft and tender prawn roll. It was smoked and very soft and tasty. It was the best part of the dish. It went perfectly with the tamarind sauce. One should dip it in that and eat it. It was sweet , savoury and sour all at the same time. Unbelievable taste. It was superb. After this came the next course which was the Alaskan King Crab Tartar. It was in the shape of a round cylinder with bits and pieces of tartar,corn,avocado and obviously Alaskan King Crab. It had cucumber and beetroot in shape of flower as its accompaniments. It was even topped of with an onion filled with a sauce . Our server told us to break the onion and mix the sauce with the tartar and have the crab . The beetroot and cucumber were the palate cleanser. It aas also a great dish. Loads of crab and avocado which was very tasty and crunchy and very distinct and complex flavours because of the sauce. The next course was probably one of the best things I have ever had and even the best course here . It was Tian's Chilli Con Carne. The tenderloin one wasn't baap obviously so we were served the chicken one. It came in a big glass cover served inside a another glass bowl which was covered inside smoke. That smoke was the hickory smoke wood . It is one if my favourite smoke to smoke any food item inside in. The manager himself opened it for us and made us smell the hickory wood's intact fragrance in the smoke. Not just that he guaranteed us that once we eat we will get that sweet flavoured the hickory wood . And indeed we did. This dish was superb , Amazing, beautiful etc. There was a light sauce inside the bowl as well as a zucchini on the side of the chicken topped of with fried mash . Yes , fried mash potatoes indeed . The manager told us to break the into the mash and mix it with the minced chicken and the sauce with the zucchini too. It was tasting superb and because the sauce was the hickory wood sweet taste while the chicken was very very tasty. The mash gave a great contrasting flavour while the zucchini gave freshness and crunch to the dish. It was great . Lots of flavour and taste in this dish. This dish was also very very complex. After this course came our soup . People might be thinking how can soup come in such a late course . But that was also for a very good reason. Before the main course came the soup was served so that the food served before could settle in easily. The soup was also something very unique. It was a pea and basil soup. First came a bowl with a huge wafer covering the majority of the opening but a small hole was there in between from where a few vegetables were visible. The vegetables that were visible were spinach ,lettuce ,mushrooms,carrots . Next came a unique container with peas and beans on the top with a white smooth broth of coconut which was infused with the flavours of the peas and beans . The manager told us that it was made by infusing the flavour of the beans and peas inside the soup's broth. Then he removed the container and served the hit soup into our bowl via that small opening. Then it became a white soup with multiple veggies and a parmesan wafer on the top. On the water was some pea paste toppings ,carrot toppings and few thyme herbs too. But another thing was the olive dust on the top. It is an important part of the soup . Our server told us to put it inside the soup for an extra kick and told us to break the parmesan crisp wafer and eat it with the soup. My mom mashed it at once and made the crisp soft which is also a good way. I tried her way as well as are the crisp a bit hard. I found that hard version better. The soggy absorbed flavour of the soup but the hard one had the flavour of the crisp as well as the soup. The best vegetable inside the soup was the lettuce . It Mugabe a crunch and had a distinct flavour to it. The olive dust did come on use later. The olive dust a good luck to the taste buds with its sour and hot flavours. After the soup itself we were full. Yes, I am now thinking that trailer 1 was more than enough with its courses. It was so filling till now. Next came out palate cleanser. As I told earlier the soup was to settle the food had before easily so a palate cleanser was important to freshen up the mouth. They served us the sorbet of the day as the palate cleanser. It was a kiwi sorbet served in a coconut shell and a spoon made of coconut too. This sorbet also had molecular gastronomy going with it . There was a coconut smoke on the top of the the sorbet and bowl. Our server told us not to have anything that drops on the bowl. Only out of the coconut bowl. Then after I had the sorbet I got 2 distinct flavours - Kiwi and coconut which complimented very well. It was really fresh and reset my taste buds to a neutral , just what a palate cleanser should do. After this came 2 more of my favourite courses. First came the Baked Sea Bass with Yuzu Miso and Roasted Cauliflower Mash. Boy oh boy what a great dish. All elements on the dish were perfect. This did was amazing . There were 3 textured cucumber on the side as palate cleansers . They were also to be had with the cauliflower mash. There were bell pepper sauce spots which were for the spice of the dish. The Chilean sea bass was perfectly cooked and filleted . The piece was big and easy to break into . The yuzu miso was also on the top was crusted perfect. It was sour and with the cauliflower mash it went perfectly. The fish was soft , decadent and tasting perfect. It was topped of with dehydrated lotus stems for a crisp to he soft fish and silky mash. The fish was superb and mash was perfect. I loved that mash so much I cannot believe cauliflower mash was such an amazing thing. No flaw whatsoever. Amazing course. Next came our last main course. It was Sous Vide Chicken in spicy Coconut milk broth and scoops of vegetable. Amazing presentation again. It was a bowl placed on another bowl inside which was a small tea light candle burning . It was their to keep the food warm . But it was making the food hot and the coconut broth steaming. It was like a Thai yellow curry with scoops of zucchini, radish and potatoes. It was amazing again . The potatoes went superbly with the coconut broth while the chicken was very tender and sous vide perfectly . The upper layer crisp while the chicken being soft and tender . Just perfect. With this course came our small container of rice. It was a small bamboo steamer which had Japanese sticky jasmine rice inside it. Jasmine water us used to cook the sticky rice which gave it an amazing fragrance and taste in general. The rice was taken and mixed inside the broth and just tasted amazing. Chicken was in generous quantities of course so every I took I took a piece of chicken , curry ,rice and a vegetable scoop . I ate this course with chopsticks. After this I was about to burst . But then came out beautiful dessert. It was called Clouds and rocks. It was a concoction which looked like clouds and rock surely. The rocks were made out of cous cous crisp , chocolate bits , burnt coconut and the main big pieces of rocks were Bailey's Chocolate compressed into a form of a comet or rock one could say . While the cloud looked like some ice cream , we were surprised it was white chocolate ganache . It was aerated so that it took into a form of a fluffy cloud . This dessert was superb , one of the most innovative desserts I have ever had. The ganache was so soft a fluffy while the Bailey's rock chocolates were so good. This dish had to be had with each component on the plate. The burnt coconut a bitter coconutty flavour while the cous cous a crisp and the Bailey chocolate was just amazing at what it does , being chocolatey but not overly sweet. With this my experience came to an end which left me more than satisfied but happy . Every bit of this experience was special. Our meal was made even more special because of our server Leishpie and Sundeep while the manager Anurodh made us feel great. Absolutely worth visiting once . May be big on the pocket but still. This is now one of my absolutely favourite places

Raghav Modi
Posted on : 16 Jul, 2015
☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Tian is just not about the food. Chef Vikram is there to provide an experience for the guests and take them on a culinary journey through various parts of Asia. He takes his food seriously, even though I didn’t by demolishing what was on my plate acting like Godzilla. Still, I couldn’t help but notice the Chef run around full of nervousness and energy and passion, proud of the food that he was presenting. Many dishes might seem familiar, but they’ve all been modified, stamped by his uniqueness, worked on and offered in a fashion that encourages the guest to interrelate with the food they are eating. Another aspect that stands out about the food was that the Chef takes a lot of liberties to deceive you with the way his food looks (after all “looks can be deceiving” is something we’ve been taught since an early age); the Tacos that remind of Delhi ki Chat, the Dark Knight that is like a mixed Fruit juice, or even the Rice Bun Burger having flavours that are local, are all a play on the taste-buds, sight, and the mind, beautifully done in one dish after another. Lest not forget the colours, oh the myriad of colours, that each components bring to the plate makes the experience all the more delightful. To top it all, the Chef is careful about making this experience as healthy as possible by using rudimentary and favourable ingredients to create food which might usually be considered as unhealthy. The moment you step into Tian and till the time you leave, be it the service, the food, the drinks, or the overall ambiance; everything amalgamates together magnificently to give you, the paying customer, an exemplary experience.

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About Tian

Tian is a grand and elegant restaurant located on Sardar Patel Marg, Central Delhi. The Pan Asian menu has dishes of South East Asian influence. The menu is bit complicated so it is better that one seeks the help of the service staff while ordering. Dishes like the scallop carpaccio, tender spare ribs with baroque sauce and the red Thai curry of duck served in a coconut shell is better than almost all the Thai curries served in the best restaurants in Delhi. The menu courses are innovatively named - starters are called ‘Curtain Raisers’; soups ‘Prelude’; mains ‘Star Cast’ and accompaniments are called ‘Side Kick’.

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