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April Events

Last updated on 19 Mar, 2019

Baisakhi and Poila Boishakh

It's time to welcome the new season with joy, loads of food and entertainment. Spring 2019 has officially begun and with that, we're also here with a curated list of awesome food festivals to keep you entertained in the month of April. April known as the ‘Festive Season’ where people look forward to going out to enjoy the breezy afternoons and nights along with some great food. 

India being rich in culture and festivals has given restaurants a reason to celebrate every occasion. With festivals like Baisakhi and Poila Boishakh on the way, restaurants across the country come up with exciting delicacies in both Punjabi and Bengali offerings. As both these festivals have religious and cultural connotations, making them the most prominent festivals in the Northern and Eastern India. 

Baisakhi marks the harvesting season in India, and what better way to celebrate the festivity than with a special food festival. Restaurants in Delhi celebrate Baisakhi by organizing ‘Baisakhi Food Festival’ for a week long. Wherein, guests can celebrate the festival of harvesting in a famed Punjabi spirit by treating themselves with a rich Punjabi fare. 

On the other hand, like every other festival, food is one of the most significant aspects of Bengalis. And, Poila Boishakh (Bengali New Year)' is known to be a day of feast and festivity for them. Bengali joints in the country come up with a wide variety of traditional Bengali cuisine with a special curated menu to welcome the New Year. This festive season step out for a meal with family and friends for an ultimate and unforgettable Bangalir Bhuribhoj (Feast for Bangalis). 

Thus, Indian festivals which are considered a foodie affair, always give a reason for celebration among the food lovers.

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