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Experience VIVAMAYR at The Roseate

Last updated on 17 Dec, 2018

Experience an EazyDiner Prime exclusive gastronomical evening with Dr. Harold Stossier, founder - VIVAMAYR at The Roseate, New Delhi.

VIVAMAYR- The Center for Modern Mayr Medicine offers health and nutritional guidelines to the likes of famous Bollywood actors Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh.

Indulge in a four course set menu designed on the philosophy by Executive Chef Anuj Wadhawan & Chef Simran Thapar at just Rs. 2,500 AI per person.

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Please note that this invite is on a first come first served basis.

The USPs of VIVAMAYR are:


The Center for Modern Mayr Medicine

VIVAMAYR Center was set up in Austria 2005 by the Mayr practitioner and physician Dr. Harald Stossier. Since then the Center has established an international reputation with an army of devotees. Ten years later, in 2015 it opened its second VIVAMAYR Center in Altaussee. VIVAMAYR - The Center for Modern Mayr Medicine, applies an integration of different treatments that help in treating many civilisations diseases (ailments) such as allergies, hypertension, diabetes, obesity to name a few. Through the Modern Mayr Medicine in connection with Functional Muscle Diagnostic according to Applied Kinesiology, the doctors design an individual program according to your personal diagnosis. This tailor suited program includes not only treatments, but also the diet and supplementation which are integral parts of creating a sustainable healthy base for your body and mind.

VIVAMAYR strives to be part of a guest's life during and well beyond their stay, through the enriching experiences it creates. VIVAMAYR is proud to support their guests on their journey towards a better quality of life and great sustainable health. The combination of health-promoting services and luxury-class hotels in beautiful locations makes every VIVAMAYR stay an unforgettable experience.

VIVAMAYR sets great store by prizing individuality and custom-made treatments. Throughout their stay at the health resort (for a minimum length of seven days), guests will exclusively receive the treatments prescribed specifically for them during the initial medical check-up. The doctor will also adjust their diet accordingly, to work in line with the principles of Modern Mayr Medicine. VIVAMAYR's overriding goal is to achieve a sustainable shift in lifestyle, thereby preserving guests' health and preventing the onset of future diseases. VIVAMAYR focuses on re-activating the body's self-healing powers and restoring its energy levels.

Chini , Dinner menu - 19th December, 2018 

Inspired by VIVA Mayr Dinner Series

Featuring Modern Indian food prepared according to the nutritional principles espoused by VIVA Mayr

1st course

Textures and flavours

Sweet potato and almond tikki, Black carrot “Kanji” - Antioxidant rich sweet potato and soluble fibre rich almonds tikki,  Fermented black carrot drink 

2nd course

Even Santa Claus loves “Pumpkin”

Pumpkin and ginger shorba - Mini multigrain steamed coconut and organic jaggery “modak” ,Omega -3 rich seeds pesto 

3rd course

Purified by turmeric

Banana leaf wrapped River Sole - Fresh turmeric paste, fresh carom plant leaves, Indian millets khichdi with extra virgin Olive oil by side 

4th course

Vegan, gluten free and no refined sugar

Quinoa Kheer with Himalayan strawberries - Organic gluten free quinoa, vegan milk, fresh Himalayan strawberries 

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