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Jamgarh Music Festival - EazyDiner Prime Exclusive

Last updated on 15 Jan, 2019

Use the perks of your EazyDiner Prime subscription & get 2 complimentary passes to the Jamgarh Music Festival, a spectacular medley of dazzling performances! 

When: January 16, 2019 

Where: Siri Fort Auditorium

Time: 7:00 pm onwards 

With over 20 International & Indian artists, the festival is set to host the likes of Spanish Flamenco Ensemble from Madrid, Sufi & Rock Fusion, Rock & Blues Legend of "Whitesnake" fame and many more world-renowned troupes.

Limited passes available! Only the first 50 confirmations will get complimentary tickets to the concert.


About the concert :

An exceptional, truly distinctive, multi-city concert tour - Delhi, Dehradun, DLF/Gurgaon, Chandigarh with the grand finale in Goa - in perhaps a never-before format. Not just one act but a medley of dazzling performances of music, dance, and poetry. Featuring over 20 highly acclaimed International and Indian artists. All in one evening!

First and foremost, the legendary rock and blues artist Bernie Marsden who inter-alia was the lead guitarist and singer of the iconic band Whitesnake. I am sure the song 'Here I Go Again' comes to mind!

Second, one of the world's foremost Spanish Flamenco ensemble, Las Tablas, straight from Madrid. Their performances are truly magical.

Third, a new, powerful voice in Indian original, independent Sufi & Rock Fusion music, the Terra Rosa Gypsies band will perform some of their best songs that range from soulful, uplifting melodies to high tempo rock beats. The Band features some of India’s most accomplished rhythm and percussion artists.

The Terra Rosa Gypsies are accompanied by the hugely talented Jivna Nataly, a Columbian-origin danseuse who specializes in Latin Rhythms, Flamenco, Chinese Sleeves and is also adept at three Indian dance forms – Kathak, Oddisi and Chau.

Fourth, a set of Evocative Poetry by Shellee, renowned film lyricist of Dev D, Udtaa Punjab and Marziyaan fame.

And fifth, Bernie Marsden will jam live with the Terra Rosa Gypsies. Pure Magic!

Jamgarh Concert Tour 2019 – Music, Dance, Spectacle, Experience.

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