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12 Places for the Kind of New Year Party You are Looking for

28 Dec, 2018 by Ruth DSouza Prabhu

The end of 2018 is closing in on us and we are all busy making plans on how to spend our New Year’s. Celebrations are of course par for the course, but finding the right party can be quite a task. Every party-goer is of a different kind and will want something that caters to his requirements and so this list of 3 places in 4 categories to help you find just what you are looking for. What is more, EazyDiner has some great offers lined up for you at these places.  

New Year’s Parties where kids are allowed

Burgundy, Royal Orchid Suites, Bangalore

Avail of a great New Year party package for children above 5 years of age. This multicuisine restaurant ensures that there is something that your children will look forward to. This keeps both them and you happy.  

NYE Deal: New Year's Party Package Kids above 5 years @ Rs. 1100 949

Validity: 31st Dec 2018

Pallet – Brewhouse and Kitchen

If you would like to spend the New Year’s Eve with some good brews and would like to do this with your family, then the Pallet is where you should be headed. A 5 course buffet along with unlimited mocktails for kids in the 7 to 15 years age group is on offer here.  

NYE Deal: 5 Course Buffet + Unlimited Mocktails for Kids (7-15 years) @ Rs. 1099 999

Validity: 31st Dec 2018

The Fisherman’s Wharf, Sarjapur

A child-friendly place to begin with, Fisherman’s Wharf ups the ante with a New Year’s Eve unlimited food package for kids at a great price point. For the adults, the margarita bar can be your happy place. Good food and drink is a hard combination to beat for New Year’s.  

NYE Deal: New year's eve unlimited food package for kids @ Rs. 1500 1350

Validity: 31st Dec 2018

New Year’s Parties for the Singles

La Casa Brewery + Kitchen

If you are looking for a good time around the Sarjapur area, then the New Year package on offer at La Casa may be just what you are looking for. It offers you stag entry, unlimited food and IMFL for an inclusive price. 

NYE Deal: New Year's Package - Stag Entry + Unlimited Food + Unlimited IMFL @ Rs. 3850 3465 AI per person

Validity: 31st Dec 2018

Thirsty Tiger

It may be just the place for you if you are a young man or woman spending New Year’s on your own. The New Year package at Thirsty Tiger gets you entry along with unlimited food and IMFL for an inclusive price. In the heart of South Bangalore, that is a great deal.  

NYE Deal:   New Year's Eve Special Package - Unlimited Food and IMFL @ Rs. 3000 2800

Validity: 31st Dec 2018

Ciclo Cafe

Cycling and sports enthusiasts may just want to spend some time around things they like. Ciclo Café offers singles a good deal with unlimited starters, pizzas and IMFL for an all-inclusive price.  

NYE Deal: Unlimited starters + Unlimited pizzas + IMFL @ 2000 1800 AI per person

Validity: 31st Dec 2018

Party it up Five Star Style

B Café – Shangri-La

Party it up in style at the B Café that is offering a New Year’s Eve special of dinner + drinks at a great price. In fact, they have multiple restaurants and offers going on that you may want to check out.  

NYE Deal: New Year's Eve Special - Dinner + Drinks @ Rs. 4500

Validity: 31st Dec 2018


With Bangalore being synonymous with craft beer outlets, Bierekraft may be just the space you are looking for this New Year. A special package is on offer for couples with unlimited food and beverage at an all-inclusive price.  

NYE Deal: New Year's Eve Special Package - Unlimited Food and beverage @ Rs. 4000 3600 AI per person 

Validity: 31st Dec 2018

MoMo Café

Here is a great deal if you are looking for the whole shebang – unlimited food, IMFL and a room stay in a 5-star setting,the MoMo Café has just what you may be looking for.  

NYE Deal: New Year 's Eve Package - Unlimited Food + IMFL + Room Stay for a couple @ Rs. 10560 9504 AI 

Validity: 31st Dec 2018

New Year Parties with Unlimited Alcohol

Blue Frog

This music spot turns into quite the party zone and this New Year is offering a great deal of unlimited alcohol (as well as food) for a couple at a great price. A place you definitely want to check out for New Year. 

NYE Deal: Unlimited IMFL + Unlimited food @ Rs. 6000 5400 AI per couple

Validity:  31st Dec 2018

Boozers Bar and Kitchen

This spot in Indiranagar sees a great crowd on most days of the year. So why not make it the spot that ring in the New Year at. A great deal of unlimited food and IMFL is yours for taking a great price.  

NYE Deal: New Year's Special Dinner - Unlimited Food Package + IMFL @ Rs. 3499 3150 AI per person

Validity: 31st Dec 2018

Sherlock’s Pub

If you are looking for a nice, laid-back place to spend New Year’s, then Sherlock’s Pub may be just what you are looking for. With a great deal on unlimited alcohol, this may be a great way to ring in the New Year. 

NYE Deal: New year's eve unlimited food & IMFL package @ Rs. 4000 3500 AI per couple

Validity: 31st Dec 2018

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Written By
Ruth DSouza Prabhu
Journalist | Features writer | Wordsmith | Restaurant & Travel Blogger All Food Trends by Ruth DSouza Prabhu

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