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4 Must-Have dishes to Celebrate Eid-e Milad in Mumbai

30 Nov, 2017 by Mini Ribeiro

Indian festivals are all about celebrations and food. Eid-e Milad or the Prophet’s birthday is a special occasion celebrated with pomp and fervour. Eid becomes more special by the delicious food served at family gatherings. Everyone gets together to partake the repast. Specialities like biryani, kebabs, Haleem, Nalli Nihari, Aseeda, a semolina pudding and Malpuas, are prepared and shared in several households. Fret not if you are not invited to any Eid celebrations. Mumbai offers plenty of options when it comes to food including these Eid treats. So head to one of these restaurants and enjoy your feast.


Nalli Nihari at Maya, Trident BKC

Nalli Nihari, a popular dish from Awadh, is unarguably the pièce de résistance for any meat lover and is a must-inclusion on any celebration. Naturally then, no meal on Eid is complete without this delicacy. Across Mumbai, several restaurants and small eateries serve this dish, but the one at Maya scores over many. Slow cooked for hours, with a myriad of spices, these lamb shanks, are melt in the mouth. Traditionally, this rich stew is cooked overnight for six to eight hours and served hot early morning o Eid. You can enjoy it with a butter naan or even a taftan.


Haleem at Good Luck Café, Bandra

A creamy dish made with cracked wheat, lentils, meat, slow cooked, this is a one-pot dish which is served with juliennes of ginger, green chillies, lime and birasta or caramelised onions. This small eatery serves an authentic one, similar to the popular one in Hyderabad. A hearty portion, you can relish it as a meal or with a naan.

Gosht Biryani at K & K, ITC Grand Central, Mumbai

Indulge yourself on Eid with the famed biryani at K&K. Although the menu here boasts of several offerings, this biryani is not-to-be-missed. With tender pieces of lamb and flavoured, aromatic basmati rice, this dish can be your treat to yourself on this occasion.


Malpuas at Suleman Mithaiwala, Mohammed Ali Road

What is Eid without the quintessential syrupy pancakes or Malpuas? After a lavish meal of biryani and kababs, savouring piping hot Malpuas with a dollop of Rabdi, is a must. Head to Mohammed Ali Road and indulge yourself with the freshly made Malpuas at this sweet shop.

So take your pick from the several places in Mumbai where Eid specialities are on offer and make the most of this festival. 

Written By
Mini Ribeiro
Food critic, features writer and columnist All Food Trends by Mini Ribeiro

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