5 Burger Hotspots to Try in Kolkata

20 Mar, 2016 by Priyadarshini Chatterjee

For the longest time, the onlyburgers Kolkata could call its own were those sold at regular confectionaries –an innocuous minced meat (usually chicken) patty and some soggy shredded lettuceshoved inside a limp bun with a stingy smear of mayo. The city has been cravingthe real deal for too long (more choices of meat, the frills, etc.). Finally,those days are gone, and now Kolkata has its very own burger scene (beyondchain outfits such as Irish House and Smoke House Deli) that it is proud of. 

These are a few places that havetapped into the city’s hankerings for a good burger and they are deliveringjust that. These you have got to try.

Rubi’s Grill, a charminglittle eatery on Dover Lane, was perhaps the first place in the city to serve upburgers with character. Their signature Meat Lover’s Burger (loaded with bacon,ham and sausages) has been the talk of the town. But their Burger Grande takesthings to a whole new level. This one has a giant minced-meat patty topped withgrilled onions and mushrooms, a mound of barbeque chicken and an egg sunny-sideup between the buns, and comes with a heap of fries and a spicy salsa.

Or head to TheWise Owl Steakhouseon Purnadas Road. A few months old, this rooftop steakhouse has earned ravereviews for their juicy steaks, but their selection of burgers is equallytempting.  Ask for the Jacobean BeefBurger if you think big is beautiful. This beauty comes with a whopping half-poundfried beef patty topped with gouda and cheddar cheese, and some potato wedgeson the side. Add some extra toppings of bacon and a fried egg to boost thedrool quotient. 

While The Wise Owl Steakhouse isa smart rooftop restaurant, Burger You (Kasba)looks like one of those unassuming, neighbourhood takeaway joints, except ownersMark (also the chef) and Patrick Biswas are dishing out some great burgers fromhere, the kind that drips fatty juices! There is the straightforward CheesySlim that has a quarter-pound beef patty topped with melted cheddar, mustardand grilled onions, or the flamboyant Morning Joe, which has toppings such as bakedbeans, bacon and fried eggs along with a quarter pound beef patty (or porksausages). But if you want something different, try the Texan, a tall burger inwhich the beef patty is teamed with crisp onion rings, grilled onions andgenerous drizzles of barbecue sauce. 

The Joint inSantoshpur has been praised for their pizzas, but their burgers are equallygood (we hear their pizza and burger chefs are in constant competition). The48-cover restaurant that started out as a small takeaway joint a couple ofyears ago has some good options on the menu. Their signature The Joint Specials– grilled minced meat (chicken, mutton or pork) patties topped with bacon,cheese and a fried egg – are especially popular. They also have a variety inwhich the minced chicken patty is generously stuffed with cheese that oozes outwhen you bite into it. And their grilled pork patties are loaded with bits offried bacon.

The menu at La Maison des Délices, a quaint patisserie cum bistro, comprises ahost of European and Mediterranean classics with an emphasis on French and Italiancuisine. While burgers are not the highlight of their menu, they do make a neatminced lamb burger – the Délices classic mutton burger. The subtly seasoned,shallow-fried minced meat patty is topped with grilled onions and classiccocktail sauce spiked with Tabasco and sweet paprika. The burger buns are madefresh in the in-house bakery. There is also a vegetable burger with mushrooms, cheeseand caramelised onions. Purists might cringe, but this keeps the vegetarianshappy. 

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