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Top 5 Indian Dishes With A Global Twist In Mumbai

11 Jul, 2017 by Mini Ribeiro

Indian food always finds favour with the Indian palate and yet, a contemporary twist with a global dimension is something diners today welcome. Chefs are going all out to unleash their creativity and create avant-garde dishes which add the wow factor to a meal. Be it through the presentation, a unique cooking method or simply using global ingredients, chefs are doing it all. Several Mumbai restaurants serve Indian dishes where the flavour quotient has been elevated by virtue of an interesting spin given to them and there is truly a lot to choose from. 

Smoked Bacon And Pyaaz Ki Kachori, Aloo Rassa Reduction at Farzi Café, Lower Parel

Who can resist a deep-fried flaky kachori stuffed with a delectable filling? Normally eaten as a snack with chutneys, Farzi Café enhances the flavour profile of this quintessential Rajasthani dish by adding a dash of smoked bacon to the onion filling and serving it with a potato reduction. The flavours and textures are perfectly juxtaposed and this delicacy acquires a whole new meaning. 

Biryani Risotto at Glocal Junction, Worli

The popular spicy Indian biryani gets a makeover at Glocal Junction as it is skilfully cooked with an Italian risotto and the resultant dish is a medley of textures. The creamy textures of the risotto complement the well-spiced biryani wholeheartedly leading to a burst of unusual flavours. 

Butter Chicken With San Marzano Tomatoes, Masala Library, BKC

No Indian meal for a carnivore is complete without a butter chicken. And if the pulpy and sweetish Italian San Marzano tomatoes are used to cook this creamy dish, the flavours are naturally outstanding, albeit mellow. Masala Library offers a unique twist to butter chicken lending it a sweet and tangy flavour and making this dish tastier than ever. 

Chukandar Ki Galouti, Vedge, Andheri West

One of the signature dishes at Vedge, this beetroot kabab is a twist to the original North-Indian kabab from Lucknow, with Italian Cheese, Balsamic drizzle and Green Mango zing. The cheese uplifts the flavours and imparts a smooth texture, while the balsamic drizzle adds the requisite zest teasing the palate. 

Burrata Kadak Roomali at A Bar Called Life, Juhu

Normal is boring today. Instead of the usual papad chutney at the beginning of an Indian meal, Chef Amninder Sandhu at A Bar Called Life, serves a crispy Roomali almost reminiscent of a Khakhra with the creamy burrata, which simply melts in the mouth, thus taking diners on a roller-coaster ride.

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Written By
Mini Ribeiro
Food critic, features writer and columnist All Food Trends by Mini Ribeiro

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