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5 Must-have Dishes in Mumbai during Shravan

10 Aug, 2018 by Mini Ribeiro

The fifth month of the year as per the Hindu calendar, this holy month of Shravan is a time when people turn vegetarian, fast on Mondays and often give up their favourite dishes to detoxify. Yet, one needs to consume a balanced diet in order to remain healthy and fit. Lighter, less oily and spicy food, is generally eaten, but one need not compromise on taste and flavours. Although those observing Shravan, generally eat at home, today, restaurants in Mumbai, offer Shravan delicacies too, to wow the palate of diners. From Farali Pattice to Rajgira Puri to Sago Khichdi and Vangyachi Bhaji, you can get them all. So, enjoy these special dishes, as you eat selectively this month. Here are 5 dishes worth trying in Mumbai this Shravan.

Sabudana Vada at Diva Maharashtracha, Mahim

A sumptuous Thali for Shravan is what you can enjoy here for lunch and dinner. Gorge on the array of dishes that suit every palate. The Sabudana Vada here, however, is exceptional and is something one willingly devours, during a fast as well. This fried delicacy is extremely well-balanced in terms of flavours. Dip it into Curd and experience a unique zest on your palate.

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Farali Pattice at Soam, Babulnath Road, Chowpatty

This melt-in-the-mouth, Gujarati delicacy – Farali Pattice, made of potato, with a crisp coating is an absolute treat and is hugely popular all year round, but more so during Shravan. No one makes it better than Soam. A must-try during this month, if you have not already.  

Marwari Aloo at Copper Chimney, BKC 

This popular restaurant serves a lip-smacking preparation of potatoes, made with less oil and spice, which tantalise your taste buds. Well-spiced, but not spicy, with subtle flavours, this dish here, is much sought after by foodies. Pair it with a 'Puri' or a hot 'Roti' and you have a winning combination at hand. 

Raw Banana Tikki with Sweet Curd at D’twostates, Thane

This pan-seared Tikki made with raw banana, combined with spices and herbs, is delectable and is best relished with Sweet Curd, which heightens the flavour contrast. Deeply satisfying, it does not make you crave for your usual oily and heavy snacks.

Shengdana Usal at Panshikar Aahar, Girgaum

This modest, no-frills, but clean eatery, serves good, wholesome food and during Shravan, one can safely head here for a meal. Tuck into the Rajgira Puri Bhaaji or enjoy the Shengdana Usal with a variety of lentils, spices, peanuts, which offer a unique texture. Trust me you will never regret observing a Shravan fast.

Written By
Mini Ribeiro
Food critic, features writer and columnist All Food Trends by Mini Ribeiro

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