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5 Must-Have Dishes in Mumbai this Eid

11 Aug, 2019 by Mini Ribeiro

With Eid being round the corner, most of us have food on our mind and Eid specials, in particular. Of course, carnivores are drooling at the thought of Gosht Biryani, Nalli Nihari and Chapli Kababs, prepared with goat meat. But there is more to Eid food a well. One can indulge in a Sheer Khurma and Falooda Kulfi too, as a grand finale to a sumptuous celebratory meal. Eid becomes more special by the delicious food served at family gatherings. Everyone gets together to partake the repast. Fret not if you are not invited to any Eid celebrations. Mumbai offers plenty of options when it comes to food including these Eid treats. So head to one of these 5 restaurants and enjoy your meal.

Haleem at White Charcoal, The Empresa Hotel, Andheri West

The Eid menu here is replete with dishes like Lamb Shanks Nihari, Haleem and Baklava, for dessert. The Haleem here is exceptional and is a treat one must indulge in. Creamy with a robust meat flavour, it is topped with fried onions, ginger, chillies and is a complete meal in itself. 

Dabba Gosht at HITCHKI, Powai, Central Mumbai (refer cover image)

Mumbai’s famous Resto Bar, HITCHKI, has something special for you this Eid. If you are craving for a Bohri-style mutton preparation, then devour this Dabba Ghost. Prepared with mutton masala and macaroni, it is served with Kalonji Naan with an omelette blanket on top. Makes for a satiating meal.

Istanbul Kebab at Bayroute, Juhu

As this place offers authentic Middle Eastern Cuisine, one can feats on the lip-smacking Istanbul Kebab. A melt-in-the-mouth kebab, it is soft and creamy and yet offers a great bite. It is the perfect dish for carnivores this Eid.

Dum Ka Kheema at Biryani Hazir Ho, Andheri West

Sit back at home this Eid and relish a delicious meat-centric meal as you can order from this delivery kitchen. An array of dishes are what you can choose from, with biryanis being their signature offering, but the Dum Ka Kheema, with its spices and rustic flavours, is a must-try. There are ample vegetarian dishes available too.

Sheer Khurma at Jaffer Bhai’s Delhi Darbar, Mahim

No festive meal is complete without a dessert and what better way to end a meal on Eid than the sheer khurma? Rich, creamy and sweet, this one boasts of distinct flavours which are irresistible.

Written By
Mini Ribeiro
Food critic, features writer and columnist All Food Trends by Mini Ribeiro

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