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5 Must-have dishes in Mumbai to celebrate Eid

17 Aug, 2018 by Mini Ribeiro

Food is an integral part of Indian festivals and Eid is no exception. This ‘festival of sacrifice’ also referred to as Eid-ul-Adha, is a day of celebrations. Meat is divided into 3 parts; one is kept for family consumption, the second part for friends and the third, for the needy. On this day, several delicacies are prepared at home and shared with their friends and relatives. The festival Bakra-Id is celebrated all over Mumbai with much enthusiasm. One can even step into restaurants and relish some of the meat delicacies and sweets, synonymous with this festival. Several places in Mumbai offer a wide range to choose from. My top 5 picks in Mumbai.

Gosht Biryani at Dum Pukht, ITC Maratha, Mumbai 

You can not possibly celebrate Eid and not relish a plateful of fragrant Biryani with chunks of well-cooked, lamb or gosht? This dish is hugely sought-after by gourmands. Cooked in dum style, the succulent pieces of meat, simply melt-in-the-mouth and paired with Salan and Raita, this complete meal leaves you craving for more. The biryani served at Dum Pukht is a delectable treat, few can resist.  

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Nalli Nihari at Neel, Tote on the Turf, Mahalaxmi

This slow-cooked Lamb Shank, is relished by all carnivores. Well-spiced, the mutton is soft and the gravy, delectable. Neel offers one, which is cooked to perfection and tantalises the taste buds. The waft of the garam masala, fills your nostrils, even before you bite into it. This flavourful dish with myriad spices is a must-eat on any feast.

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Tandori Raan at Punjab Grill, Kala Ghoda, Fort

Robust and hearty, this roasted leg of lamb, replete with flavours, is a must-try. The good quality spice mix imparts its flavours that are unparalleled. Served with a pillowy soft, Cheese Onion Kulcha, at Punjab Grill, this Tandoori Raan will prove to be a piece de resistance this Eid.

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Khubani ka Meetha at Masala Bay, Taj Lands End, Bandra

Last but not the least, indulge in this sinful and decadent Hyderabadi dessert made with apricots at Masala Bay and the memory is sure to linger on your taste buds. This is the perfect way to round off your Eid celebrations. 

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Shahi Tukda at Tamak, Santacruz

Sweets are an intrinsic part of any Indian meal and more so on a special occasion. This newly opened restaurant serves a delectable Shahi Tukda. Rich and creamy, the reduced milk dessert with bread, flavoured with saffron and cardamom, is a treat you owe yourself anytime and especially on Eid. Artfully presented, that further accentuates the wow factor.

Written By
Mini Ribeiro
Food critic, features writer and columnist All Food Trends by Mini Ribeiro

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