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8 Best Pork Dishes in Hyderabad

10 Jan, 2019 by Pallab De

Pork eaters might still be a minority, but this delicious meat is slowly and surely seeing a surge in popularity. Here are a few dishes a porkaholic should not miss out on.

Pot Roasted Spare Ribs at Republic Of Noodles, Lemon Tree Premier, Hyderabad 

Republic of Noodles features a handful of pork dishes in their menu. However, I always end up ordering the honey glazed Pot Roasted Spare Ribs. Although its listed under appetisers, the portion size is generous enough to end up being a full meal if you are dining alone.

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Sous Vide Pork Chops at La Cantina – Novotel Hyderabad Convention Centre

Sous Vide is a modern style of cooking that involves cooking meat at a low temperature for a prolonged duration. This is achieved by vacuum sealing meat in a plastic bag and immersing into a precisely temperature-controlled water bath. The low temperature prevents tissue and muscle breakdown while the prolonged duration ensures even cooking. Novotel cooks their pork chops overnight and then finishes them off on the pan with a honey mustard glaze. These pillowy-soft chops are every pork lover’s dream come true.

Slow-cooked Pork Ribs at Autumn Leaf Cafe, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

Autumn Leaf cooks their ribs the classic way. However, the laborious slow cooking with frequent basting results in a delicious fall of the bone ribs that will leave you drooling. The ribs come with a chipotle rub and a choice of either BBQ sauce or Red Wine and Grape sauce.

Glazed Pork Ribs at Frio Bistro, Gachibowli, Hyderabad

The Chef’s Special BBQ Glazed Pork Ribs here are indeed quite special. It is a classic prep that sticks to the basics. And sometimes just getting the basics right can result in something quite charming.

Naga Pork Curry with Akhuni at Zing’s Northeast Kitchen, Kondapur, Hyderabad

Zing’s is truly a porkaholic’s paradise. There are so many brilliant pork dishes on the menu that picking just one is quite a challenge. However, it is the irresistible balance of smoky and savoury flavours with the pungency of Akhuni (fermented soy) that wins my vote. The Naga Pork Curry with Bamboo Shoots is a close runner-up. Keep in mind that both of these dishes have a fair bit of pungency. If you are not comfortable with North Eastern flavours, opt for something safer such as Slow cooked Pork Ribs and Bossam.

Pork Sausage Pulao at The Fisherman's Wharf, Gachibowli, Hyderabad

The Goans certainly know how to use pork well. Fisherman’s Wharf has several Pork dishes including Sorpotel and Vindaloo. However, the Goan Sausage Pulao is my first preference. The inherent smokiness and spiciness of the chorizo make this pulao quite unlike any other.

Pork Belly Rice at Olive Bistro, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

The menu at Olive Bistro has undergone several iterations; however, one thing that has always remained a constant is the presence of some terrific pork delicacies. The current menu features both ribs and belly, but it is the latter that is my pick. Belgian Pork Belly is slow braised and seared and served with rice and kimchi.

Onion Pork at Nanking, Paradise Circle, Secunderabad

Nanking is a legendary, old-school Chinese restaurant that has been enthralling pork lovers in the city for decades. There is close to a dozen options for the pork lovers, but it is the Onion Pork and the Pork Chow (noodles) that the regulars swear by.

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Pallab De
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