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Amazing Offers At Burger King Exclusively With EazyDiner In Mumbai

07 Jun, 2018 by Editorial Team

Just like any other fast food chain, Burger King does not have much in terms of ambience but does offer you some of the best deals in Mumbai. Don't worry, we have got you covered with amazing combos to feast on crispy fries and juicy burgers.

They have been serving burgers at several outlets for 60 years now and at the moment, they exist over around 100 different countries.

They have adapted to every new country they have gone to; in India, they brought us chicken and mutton variants for their non-vegetarian burgers and have developed some very interesting ones for the vegetarian segment. McDonald's handled the no beef problem by running away from red meat altogether. However, Burger King has taken its head-on by using lamb and chicken tikka.

Burger King's competitive pricing has always done wonders for them. Every day around 11 million people visit Burger King around the world. Also, all the outlets in Mumbai are always crowded as they have created the unique menu to cater Indian standards and taste.

EazyDiner brings to you complete combos to satisfy your cravings, by offering you 2 deals to choose from.

Their fries are bigger, longer and chunkier than most fast food versions. And their speciality lies in the Whopper.  Their speciality Whopper, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, have been created just for India. Their crispy patty is served in a 5-inch freshly toasted sesame seed bun with tangy pickles, fresh tomatoes, onions & lettuce, laced with mayonnaise and ketchup. Our advice - hold it with both your hands to eat it. For those who have a sweet tooth, they serve BK Sundaes in chocolate and strawberry flavours, so, you have a choice of ice-creams. 

Burger King is definitely the King of all burger outlets in the city as they have been serving some great burgers and delicious home cut fries that are spiced just right. So, hurry up and grab your pick now! Available in all outlets across Mumbai.

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