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Amazing Offers at Chai Point Exclusively with EazyDiner in Delhi NCR

02 Aug, 2018 by Kruthika Dixit Kandpal

With no morning starting off without a cup of chai (tea), we Indians are always on a hunt to explore chai addas (places) to satisfy our tea cravings. No matter what time of day it is, we need our chai fix. EazyDiner makes it simple for you by offering prepaid deals only for Rs. 9 in Delhi NCR which cannot be missed.

Chai Point is a cafe chain which focus on the tea-based beverages. It was founded in Bangalore, India in 2010 and now has its presence in over 8 cities.

This Indian Café specializing in tea is an ideal place for all the Chai-lovers. Providing high quality and freshly brewed tea across India, Chai Point ensures that you enjoy every sip of your chai. Whether you prefer hot milk tea or black tea, Chai Point has it all.

Apart from chai, you can also enjoy ice teas, milkshakes, and an all-day breakfast.

They have got some nice food options to go with your cup of tea. It is great for when you just need that mid-day snack between lunch and dinner, or even when you are running low on cash.

You do not even need to hunt for the goodness of Maggi now. Just visit Chai Point to feed your heart and soul. Add on some ginger chai, and it’ll be heaven on earth. So, if you are feeling upset or need a pick-me-up, Chai Point is just the perfect place. As nothing is probably more refreshing than a hot cup of chai after work or on one of those dull, slow days. And so make a quick pit-stop at Chai Point to grab their exclusive combos with Bun Maska + Chai, Casa Pao + Chai, Maggie + Iced Tea or Poha + Ginger Chai.

EazyDiner brings to you complete combos to satisfy your cravings by offering you deals to choose from.

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Written By
Kruthika Dixit Kandpal
Food Writer| Traveler | Food Enthusiast | @thecravingtongue on Instagram All Food Trends by Kruthika Dixit Kandpal

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