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Beat That Heat With Summer Coolers

23 Apr, 2017 by Rupali Dean

Typically, the best way to ease dehydration is with a tall glass of water. But, when the scorching summer heat gets to you, I would suggest a few fresh fruity drinks to beat the heat. Summer is all about isolating the idea of sunshine and warmth while keeping things cool and refreshing. It makes good sense to take advantage of the summer fruits and vegetables. Summer coolers include punches and mocktails and are a great idea to offer to guests while holding a party as an alternative to alcoholic drinks. They are a great option than simply sipping on fresh lime all the time. Blending, crushing or mingling inventive drinks just take a little mind and can be done with effortlessly obtainable fruits and ingredients. Fresh fruit puree with a flavour of lemon juice and a dash of pepper or mint can give you a vibrant drink. With a little effort and an equal dose of imagination, we can make these or some new coolers at home. Additionally, healthy drinking is a great way to enhance nutrients! I am sure with the augmented emphasis on health and wellness the summer cooler drift is here to stay. Also drink at least eight glasses of clean, cool water per day.

Coolers You Can Make At Home

Aam ka Panna  – Charcoal grilled raw mango juice, seasoned with rock salt.

Fresh Fruit Smoothie  – Blend of any seasonal fresh fruit and low-fat yoghurt. 

Blue Sea  – A dash of Blue Curacao (bar syrup), fresh lime, topped with sprite.

Water Melon delight  – Fresh watermelon juice with lemon, a dash of Tabasco and a hint of black pepper.

Ginger Mint Soda  – Muddle lemon chunks, chopped ginger, brown sugar and put it in a pilsner glass add ice cubes, top it up with soda and enjoy a ginger mint feeling.  

Written By
Rupali Dean
Food & Travel writing All Food Trends by Rupali Dean

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