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Best 10 Places For Alcoholic Desserts in Delhi NCR

17 Aug, 2017 by Ruchira Hoon

If you have a sweet tooth like mine, the search for the perfect dessert is never ending. Which is why I am always looking to find the best places to have desserts in Delhi. While Big Chill’s Banoffee still ranks amongst the most famous desserts in the city, we are looking for something more, something that will take the desserts to a higher level, a place where alcohol meets sweet treats.

Whether it is bourbon, tequila or just good old fashioned rum, boozy desserts certainly raise the bar when it comes to ending your meal. Because not only do they satisfy that sweet craving but also make you happier (read woozy).

Chocolate Makes the world go round

It is a well-known fact that chocolate pairs well with all kinds of alcohol including liqueurs. But there is something classic about rum and beer that works wonders too.

Our top picks include Lavaash by Saby‘s Dark Chocolate and Old Monk Mousse which is over in four bites but is just a fantastic dessert. Monkey Bar’s Old Monk(ey) Chocolate Cake which is served with a scoop of ice cream has a delicious “rummy” taste too. But it is at Madison And Pike that their Dark Chocolate and Beer Cake that will call at you when you look at it. The flavour of the beer shines through beautifully and makes the cake richer and brings out the chocolate very well.


Wake me up with Coffee

You say coffee, I say Tiramisu. And the best Tiramisu in town hands down goes to Whisky Samba who pair this decadent dessert with a delicious bourbon sauce. Also playing with the coffee profile, desserts which use Baileys and Kahlua also bit the bill. If you are in Safdarjung Enclave then Hungry Monkey’s Bailey’s Cookie and Cream Parfait is just what you wanted. Crunchy cookies layered with Bailey’s Pastry cream topped with some coffee mousse is one of the most decadent desserts you could possibly eat. And then, of course, you must turn to Whipped for their Chocolate Kahlua Mousse Cake, a pillowy-soft cake that just melts in your mouth, while their Bailey’s Cupcake is a perfect mid-afternoon pick me up


Whisky, Tequila and Brandy

It is not just coffee and chocolate that pairs well with booze, you can find some amazing out-of-the-box desserts in these places. At The Piano Man Jazz Club, their Honey and Bourbon Cake is a Russian cookie cake that has been filled with a dulce-de-leche frosting and soaked in bourbon while their Rum and Raisin Cheesecake is old school and delicious, with plenty. Think lemon, think cheesecake and at Arriba you will find a Tequila Lime Cheesecake that will make you want to reach out for a dash of salt. At Cravity, their Laphroig Macaron tastes like you are taking a swig from the bottle of that smoky Single Malt while that Irish Cheesecake at Big Chill with that extra large shot of vodka is truly the stuff that dreams are made of.

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Written By
Ruchira Hoon
Journalist, food blogger and a food consultant All Food Trends by Ruchira Hoon

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