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Top 6 Restaurants Serving Best Low Carb Protein Packed Meals In Mumbai

09 Mar, 2018 by Roxanne Bamboat

We live in the world where Paleo and Keto diets are the new normal and healthy eating is a big attraction for diners. Restaurants are all about indulgence, but if you scan the menus and pay attention to details, not everything is about pasta rice or deep fried goodness. There are plenty of restaurants that are serving wholesome meals along with their carb-centric ones and we have picked the more protein-packed ones and we mean full meals and not just salads. If you are trying to follow a low carb diet or just eat better then these dishes might work for you.

Pan Seared Salmon at Salt Water Cafe

This is the perfect cafe to pop by for a lazy lunch or cosy dinner. It is usually the Sangria or sandwiches that folks tend to gravitate towards but apart from the salads, the Pan Seared Salmon that comes with a side of Barley and Apple Salad along with a Beetroot Béarnaise is a great option for a healthy lunch minus any bread or potato.

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Grilled Jerk Chicken at Hard Rock Cafe

When you think of HRC, the last thing you think of is a healthy meal. The food here is wonderfully greasy, hearty and usually deep fried. Trying to pick a healthy option is actually not as impossible as it might seem. The Grilled Jerk Chicken is a grilled piece of chicken ( you can ask for fish ) rubbed down with Caribbean spices and served with grilled vegetables and some cheesy mash potatoes. The potatoes are not ideal, so, you can always skip them in favour of more of those grilled veggies and you have got a perfectly healthy meal!

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Pan Seared Mustard Chicken at The Sassy Spoon

So much to choose from here but this Pan Seared Mustard Chicken, that is served with bacon, shallots and delicious garlic spinach is ideal if you are trying to eat better and stick to a more protein-packed meal. There is also a Paprika and Celery Grilled Chicken if the mustard is too pungent for you, but it comes with a side of baby potatoes and French beans.

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Cauliflower & Leeks / Chipotle Prawns at Olive Bar and Kitchen

Olive for the last 17 years has been Bandra's favourite nightspot. They have just got a new menu in place and with surprisingly a lot of healthy options. Our favourite is the cauliflower cooked in three different ways with leek oil, served with Leek XO Sauce and Roasted Crunchy Cacao Nibs. It is vegetarian, light and not heavy on the calories.

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Eggs Benedict at The Benedict Bar & Bistro 

Not exactly a completely carb free option but we could not help but sneak this one in. The English Muffin, Benedict is served on, is the only carb component but the eggs are served three creative ways. You can pick from a Black Forrest Ham with a Classic Hollandaise Sauce, American Pork Belly with a Barbeque Hollandaise Sauce or then a California Smoked Salmon with Avocado Hollandaise. They are all delicious and make for one power-packed meal. If it is too much then the steak and eggs or the NY Skillet work well and neither come with any bread.

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Mardi Gras at Leaping Windows

Most dishes that skip the carbs, load up on protein and by default tend to include a lot of meat. While there are plenty of chicken/pork dishes on the menu here without any bread or rice we picked the Mardi Gras for two reasons. The first being vegetarian and the second being that it is a smashing dish. It is a colourful mix of Oven Roasted Vegetables topped with Crispy Fried Okra along with Artichoke. It does come with a bit of garlic bread but you can easily skip it as the veggies are hearty enough.

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Roxanne Bamboat
Food & travel aficionado All Food Trends by Roxanne Bamboat

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