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Best Mango Aamras at Restaurants In Mumbai

20 Jun, 2019 by Roxanne Bamboat

We have talked about mango dishes and mango-themed desserts in restaurants across the city and while mango season is in full bloom, this time we are talking Aamras! That is right, just this simple bowl of delectable pulpy mango served with fried puris or eaten as is, deserves to be celebrated. We have picked a handful of restaurants in Mumbai where you can get your aamras fix!

Soam, Chowpatty, South Mumbai - There is almost always a wait to get a table at this popular Gujarati restaurant at any time of the year but come mango season it is worth the wait. They do not experiment too much with mangoes just simple cooling things like Aam Panna or a mango drink but they do make lovely Aamras. Eat it as a dessert or as part of your meal, either way, it is lovely.

The Culture House, Girgaum, South Mumbai - Their month-long mango festival is quite a treat with all sorts of mango infused dishes like a Mango flavoured Royal Falooda and mango lassi or Mango Chaat. It goes without saying that they serve chilled Aamras on this menu but unlike most places that give it to you in a bowl, The Culture House serves it in a glass or if you like by the pitcher! A pitcher full of Aamras sounds fabulous.

Revival Restaurant, Chowpatty, South Mumbai - This restaurant has a lovely view of Chowpatty Beach and serves some incredible thali meals. This mango season, they have included both Aamras and Aamras Puri in their thali meals which means you can really get your mango fill but should want to skip the thali and just enjoy the Aamras and view you can do that as well.

Crystal, Chowpatty, South Mumbai - This small inconspicuous restaurant in Girgaum Chowpatty is a culinary legend. It often gets confusing for a Gujarati restaurant because of its pure vegetarian and Jain dishes but in fact, is a stellar spot for North Indian fare. Some of the very best Chole and Dal Khichadi is found here but come summer time you need to devour their delicious Aamras. Bowls full of this sweet mango pulp flies off their counter and it is the best treat for this heat.

Samrat - A wonderful spot for a Gujarati Thali or even just wholesome vegetarian North Indian dishes. Samrat has a loyal following that regularly visits and is never disappointed. You can find Aamras as part of the thali for dinner during the week or perhaps on the weekend for the lunch thali but at any given time it is available on their a la carte menu.

Written By
Roxanne Bamboat
Food & travel aficionado All Food Trends by Roxanne Bamboat

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