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Delhi chefs understand the need of the antiquity of their gastronomic culture!

05 Dec, 2017 by Rupali Dean

Slow Food, a universal member-supported not-for-profit organisation, launched in Rome in the 1980’s, has developed far yonder its novel mandate, a humble disagreement to fast food. Now this eco-gastronomic drive which was once disparaged for being Europe aligned and exclusive, works with common associations around the sphere to contest for food that is ‘good, clean and fair,’ and endorse biodiversity.

A Quick Backgrounder

Slow Food commenced with a pasta party in 1986 when founder Carlo Petrini and his friends collected to disapprove Rome’s first McDonalds. An epicurean who unintentionally activated a revolution, he enthusiastically was against, and lingers to conflict, what he defines as the ‘Alliance of food,’ and hence the alliance of savour. The fact is that much of the bulk created food swamping the globe today has no history, custom or ethnic identity. It’s useful to reminisce that most farmers don’t consume what they cultivate for the market, as they know how pesticide-laden harvests theirs are, selecting in its place to save a distinct organic garden for their clans’ food. Hence this is not just the type of fast food that comes to mind at once, such as crisps, fizzy drinks and biscuits. This also comprises crop; Oranges for example, are selectively farmed for sweetness, stress-free transport and assertive advertising. The result? An intense setback to bio-diversity as consumers, like lemmings, all haste in the identical market-driven track. In 2004, it formed the Terra Madre network, tying small-scale producers from 163 countries involved in the ecological making of exclusive produce. And this is where the tribes come in: aggressively shielding of their approach of life, over the years they have established ways to live off the land without impairing it in any way.

Restaurants That Follow The Sklow Food Philosophy In Delhi

Indian Accent at Lodhi

Amaranta, Oberoi Gurgaon

W.D House, Greater Kailash

Qla, Mehrauli

Annamaya, Andaz

Pluck at Pullman

Mr Chai at Shangri-La Eros

Bukhara at ITC Maurya

Kheer at Roseate House

Olive Bar & Kitchen at Qutub

Written By
Rupali Dean
Food & Travel writing All Food Trends by Rupali Dean

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