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Delhi NCR's Top 8 Monster Burgers That You Cannot Resist

08 Aug, 2017 by Ruchira Hoon

Messy, juicy and gigantic – these are just some words that can describe the monster burgers that some of these Delhi NCR restaurants are offering. So large that you need to become David to those Goliath-sized burgers to tackle them and if all fails – you will just have to learn to share because truly that is what these burgers are meant for.

Let us start with an old favourite from Hard Rock Cafe – the Original Legendary Burger - which is exactly what it sounds like ‘legendary’. A 10 ounce (nearly 280 grams) of burger patty which is medium grilled topped with a crispy onion ring, smoked bacon and cheddar cheese. While it has its good days and bad, this is a burger you need to eat on an empty stomach.

Cut to Prankster in Gurugram where the Happy Chicken Burger is the biggest burger in town. For starters, it needs 4 people to actually see it through (only two If you are really really hungry). Served with way too many fries, this is the place to go to if you are looking to take on a burger challenge.

New kid on the block Cravity, is not far down the list. The Bad Boy Burger is super gourmet and super delicious and really too much for one person. Consisting of minced lamb that has soaked overnight in cognac and orange juice, topped with caramelized onion and red wine sauce plus some melted cheese, you need to wear a bib for this one.

Fork You's build your own burger actually allows you to choose how big or small you want your sammy. Choose from a host of patties including tenderloin, lamb, chicken or a mix of meats and load up on the toppings to customize it to your taste.

Think American, think International House of Pancakes or IHOP, think huge portions. Between the Western Lamb Burger and the Veggie Burger, you are in for an explosion of taste. Grilled burger buns and tomato chilli mayo just up the taste-ante.

Perhaps one of the firsts to start the monster burger race Café Delhi Heights and Smokey’s BBQ and Grill boasts of burgers like no others. The Juicy Lucy Burger at Café Delhi Heights is still the most ordered dish on the menu. Most people also ask for a doggy bag along with it. At Smokey’s though it’s their 8-ounce burgers that are truly scrumptious. Try the Bacon and Lamb Burger which is served with baconnaise or Six Chillies Chicken Burger which is a braised chicken patty served with braised chillies.

But it is at The Joint Café at Galleria market, where you will find the baap of all burgers. The complete range called Fat Boy Burgers allows you to choose from tenderloin, chicken and lamb.

Between the Double D, the Lambhurghini and the Sixty-Nine you’re in a for a real treat. Double patties, cheese, relish, fried eggs, you know you have to bring a friend to share and also skip dinner the previous night before heading out to lunch on them.

Written By
Ruchira Hoon
Journalist, food blogger and a food consultant All Food Trends by Ruchira Hoon

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