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EazyDiner Now Bridges The Gap Between You And KFC

18 Jun, 2018 by Editorial Team

Crispy, juicy and succulent fried chicken is all you need to lift your mood!

Fried Chicken has long been standing as the prime comfort food for all age groups. There might be dozens of recipes to make fried chicken but the masses rely on the famous Colonel Sanders’ Kentucky’s Fried Chicken or commonly known as KFC.

One of its kind Pressure Fried Chicken is an invention of 'Colonel Harland Sanders'. He finalized the ‘Original Recipe’ comprising 11 herbs and spices in 1940, which is kept as a secret till date. This fast food chain provides ample options for poultry to their customers. 

Famous amongst them are Hot & Crispy Chicken and Smoky Grilled Chicken - these bad boys are smoking hot, eat at your own risk! Other than this, they also have snacks both for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. For a wholesome and hunger satiating meal, go for their Rice Bowlz or Zinger Burgers - a juicy and crispy chicken or veggie fillet, topped with iceberg lettuce and delicious mayo served in soft corn bun and while you are at it, try their thirst-quenching Krushers - with chocolate, mango and strawberry flavours.

To savour a comprehensive range of delicacies, check out the prepaid deals on EazyDiner -

One can avail these deals in Mumbai, Pune and Ahmedabad

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