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Farm To Table At Pluck, The Pullman Hotel - Delhi

11 Apr, 2017 by Rupali Dean

The idea behind having an in-house ‘Chef’s Garden’ is to offer guests with nothing but the freshest of ingredients grown and overseen by the team of Chefs, to integrate all organic vegetables in a menu. The theory goes well with one of the core values of Pluck, the easy and unassuming all day dining restaurant at The Pullman Hotel, Delhi – being Indigenous, to be self – sustained, green and local.

‘Understanding more about our food, how it tastes and where it comes from makes the act of eating all the more pleasurable’, shares Director of Culinary Ajay Anand. Pluck offers a menu inspired by a myriad of seasonal ingredients and international techniques. Ajay and his team reaps local produce and channel it through their creative and polished cuisine, teeming with flavours, humble of the product presenting Contemporary European and Indian flavours, with a menu that invigorates its food offering. This results in a seamless poise of flavour and texture, the exquisiteness of simplicity, and a modest sensuality in each course. To me, the true essence of farm-to-fork dining is the ability to capture and express the vitality in fresh and responsibly sourced ingredients.  At Pluck, by sourcing directly from their own organic garden, they are able to provide their guests with ingredients that were picked the same day and taste full of life. The Deconstructed Mulligatawny Soup, for example, is served as a broth accompanied by Coconut Gel and Puffed Rice. When you blend them all, you get to taste is a version of the dish that is unforgettable. 

I would say, having an in-house Chef’s Garden is a great initiative to offer the freshest local produce to the guest ensuring the meal is as natural, as organic as it can be and, also reduces carbon footprints for transporting produces from far off places. All in all, the food at Pluck is honest with a modern and creative twist and high levels of technical skill on display. The creations flatter the taste buds, while the presentation is as pleasing to the eye as it is to the palate and behind the familiar flavours are the freshest ingredients.

Written By
Rupali Dean
Food & Travel writing All Food Trends by Rupali Dean

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