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Finding Feni

28 Oct, 2018 by Nolan Mascarenhas

The art of eating out has been tried and tested across a multitude of occasions - from Wine pairings to Supper Theatre everyone these days has something ‘new’ to offer. The Pop Up is here to stay in present times, with a multitude of various offerings from humour to painting exotic luxurious cars scheduled with brunch and the likes.  

The objective is simple. Putting the ‘Fun’ in Food. Enticing the diner to take back a memory. Like the memory of the Deepika Padukone starrer Finding Fanny, which has no similarity apart from the dynamic duo of Avinash Martins of Cavatina Grill Bar fame and Neil Alexander of Windmills Craftworks, Bangalore. These 2 lads, decided to bring their expertise to the fore with the master of the grill and drink to their yearning audience to spin a tale of Finding a Feni inspired and curated menu to one’s plate. The result; a Journey was born through exotically paired cuisine culminating in laughs and giggles along the way with some crazy concoctions to boot.

Local produce with Global touches

Locally procured and globally inspired with all things Feni, diners were spoilt to the creativity of Avinash playing with Betul Oysters and Sea Buckthorn paired with a Feni Sabayon plated with a whiff of Kokum air.

Razzle Dazzile Mixology

Neil was not far behind with his starrer Finding Fenny - Feni blended with an earl grey tea with a dash of orange juice and orange muddled brandy with ylang ylang over roasted tea bitters and jasmine mist beautifully presented in arrested synchronicity.

Feni - the star of the evening

Moving on without much of a ponder the Crispy Pork Belly, one of Avinash’s favourite creations this time with wild pepper honey dashing it with Bhoot Jolokia for that tribal heat created ripples across palates with carefully crafted precision. Washed down perfectly with Feni Re - Neil’s fun take on the lime pickle with bell pepper vodka, freshly squeezed lime juice, smoked chilli bitters and smoked rock salt, transporting the diner to the salt pans of Goa. Get the gist? Avinash belted out classics that perfectly complimented Neil’s offerings with superb visual plating that made it hard for the diner to eat without offering a wince to destruct such creative beauty.

Art on a Plate, indeed. Some of the highlights plated were local ingredients such as the Panko Breadfruit and Feta Chili Aioli with Dark Chocolate and Choricao Bruschetta which was relished by the herbivores of the evening, to the ever so succulent Sous vide tongue with blue cheese & olive tapenade with rosemary croute.

The Green Jaded Fairy indeed

Post a delectable night of mirth it is safe to say Neil and Avinash did eventually find the Spirit of Feni regaled in their satisfied diners who look forward to the next Feni hunt with appetites galore. 

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Written By
Nolan Mascarenhas
Writer/Blogger/Photojournalist All Food Trends by Nolan Mascarenhas

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