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28 Mar, 2016 by Priyadarshini Nandy

Give us, the people ofBengaluru, the opportunity to eat out, and we will never say no. And, if thatopportunity rises in the middle of a working day, it is even better. And, thatis why set menus, or rather prix-fixe meals (if you want to get posh) work sowell in the city. You can walk in and out in less than an hour, unless you havemore time to kill during the week.

From Indian food, which willnot put you to sleep right away, to delicious dim sums, or soups and salads,here are five set menus you can check out.

Riwaz has introduced somethingcalled the ‘Ayurvedic Indian Bento Box Lunch’. Yes, it sounds a bit odd –Indian, and Bento in the same line – but it offers a balanced meal of flavours,and nutrition. This one emphasises on whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables,low fat dairy products, with practically no added artificial salts, colours,flavours, or preservatives. Check out dishes such as the soya palak ke kabab,tandoori tofu, corn masala, lehsuni machli and bharwan murgh ke soweta, kadduka bharta, brown rice, and gluten-free breads. Yes, it sounds too healthyperhaps, but that is probably good for you.

The Olive Beach prix-fixe meals are oneof the personal favourites. A three course meal that includes salads such as barbecuechicken salad (with avocados, poached egg and more), baked brie (stuffed withcaramelised onion and orange marmalade, with pickled grapes and beet), mushroomfilo cigars (with herbed aioli, onion, olive slaw, and more), mains that includethe Moorish veg lunch board (falafel, warm grilled pita with hummus, vegetabletagine with couscous and chickpea salad), pearl barley risotto, or the mustard crusted fish orchicken sliders – there is a lot to choose from. And, when you have somethingsuch as the black forest pavlova in the dessert menu, life is nothing short ofgood.

Mezzaluna, at the Mövenpick Hotel, which has a new menu too, hasa simple and yet wholesome set menu to choose from. It includes soups such asthe minestrone, or the stracciatella di pollo (chicken soup with egg andparmesan). From the main course section, choose salads (if you are feelinghealthy) such as insalata caprese, or go all out with the spaghetti al pomodorofresco, penne alfredo, risotto alla Milanese (saffron risotto). Finish the mealwith the chef’s dessert of the day.

Harima, one of my favourite places toget Japanese food has simple, flavoursome bento boxes to choose from. You couldget a tempura, salad, pork cutlets, sticky rice, and a dipping sauce in it. Theportions are medium-sized, so if you are famished, order two! On the otherhand, Edo Restaurant & Bar atthe ITC Gardenia has a rather tasteful bento box, or set-meal. Divided intothree sections – Nara, Kyoto, and Tokyo – the dishes include zensai, sashimi,yakimono, nimono, sushi, syokuji, and so on. And, the meal is divided forvegetarians and meat eaters, which is a good news.

100 Ft. Boutique Bar hasa five course set menu for lunch that we would really like to take our timewith. From salads, soups and appetizers such as the kibbeh or chicken wings,mains including grilled fish, pasta or risotto, and desserts – the menu does notrun into pages, but includes dishes that will make you want to skip dinner. Thesoup and dessert however, are left to the chef’s discretion. Do not forget totry the warm pita and hummus – they make it rather well here.

If you like dim sums, the dim sum lunch at Szechwan Court at The Oberoi isdefinitely worth a shot. And, it is not just for the fact that the dim sumscome to you in a cart, a la street style. They are quick, easy, and supertasty. Check out the char sui bao (with sweet barbecued pork in the centre),chicken and prawn is mai, shrimp and asparagus, and Thai asparagus. Actually,try all of them. And, order some Chinese tea on the side to wash it down with. 

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