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Top 5 Dalwada Joints In Ahmedabad

07 Sep, 2017 by Sonal Kellogg

Dalwadas are a fried snack made out of yellow lentils. When monsoon begins, it drives the average Gujarati crazy so as soon as it starts to drizzle, people will flock to the nearest Dalwada joint to get this tasty hot snack which goes so well with tea.

In Ahmedabad, during monsoon time long queues can be seen at all Dalwada eateries as people want to get their share of this hot snack which is eaten along with spicy chutney, raw onions and fried green chillies. A simple snack but some eateries have taken a huge march over the others so much so that people are ready to line up for more than an hour to buy it.

Check out the most famous Dalwada places in Ahmedabad.

New Gujarat Dalvada, Gujarat College

This is the oldest Dalwada place in Ahmedabad. Located at Ellisbridge, this joint started humbly cooking and serving from a handcart. But it is the taste of his Dalwadas which has kept the crowds coming in big numbers which have helped him grow.

Price for two: Rs. 200


Ambika Dalvada Centre, Navrangpura

This eatery has been around for a while. Located behind HL College, it is naturally popular with students but all others flock to this place when monsoon begins. It has two branches and it has been operating for over 40 years.

Price for two: Rs. 200


Balaji Dalwada Centre, Jodhpur, Satellite

This joint located in Jodhpur village area in Satellite is the place people go to in this area. It serves hot, crispy Dalwada and ensures that quality is maintained.

Price for two: Rs. 200

Astodia Jalebi and Dalvadas

This joint is in the old fort city of Ahmedabad where street food is very popular. Try this crisp snack here at this eatery which is open until 1 pm. You can also opt for Jalebis which are hot and crisp. 

Price for two: Rs. 150


Vijay Ratlami Dalwada Centre, Maninagar

Situated in Maninagar, this joint has grown from a small hand cart business to a proper eatery. It has been serving hot Dalwadas for over two decades. The Dalwadas still taste as yummy as earlier and people line up in long queues to take this awesome snack.

Price for two: Rs. 150


Simple Dalwada recipe -

Soak lentils (Mong Dal, both with skin or without skin can be used) overnight. Grind and add garlic, salt and green chillies while grinding. Fry in hot vegetable oil making small round balls. Serve hot with sliced raw onions, fried green chillies and green chutney. The Dalwadas should be crisp on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside.


Written By
Sonal Kellogg
Author, writer and food enthusiast All Food Trends by Sonal Kellogg

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