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Mumbai's Top 5 Calorie Counting Menus

25 Apr, 2017 by Roxanne Bamboat

While we love our food, a lot of people are making an effort to try and restrain from indulgent dishes. Diners are getting more aware about their health and have found a new appreciation for cafes specialising in healthier menus. Eating out does not have to mean that you make unhealthy choices all the time. These restaurants and cafes have tried to make things easier by listing the number of calories in all their dishes on the menu so you can make the best possible choice for yourself. 

The Junkyard Cafe - This does not look like the type of restaurant a person focused on their health or weight would visit but that does not mean that Junkyard Cafe does not care about its health-conscious patrons. Not only does each dish on the menu state the number of calories in the dish but there is also a complete breakdown of how many proteins, carbs, fats, saturated fats, sugar, fibre and salt each dish contains. No other restaurant goes into that much detail and this gives you a clear indication of what you are eating.

Saboro - This small vegetarian cafe in Churchgate is a heaven for health nuts and folks who are trying to watch what they eat. Full of salads, juices, smoothies and other dishes which help you enjoy a meal without overindulging. Each item on the menu has the number of calories written next to it and in some cases, there are small and large portions which have their own different calorie count.

Fellas Cafe - This Khar-based cafe focuses on healthy wholesome meals. The menu goes beyond the usual suspects like soups and salads and includes various dishes like pasta, pizza and sandwiches but far healthier versions of them. Each dish on the menu has the number of calories it contains printed on the menu next to it so you know exactly what you are eating.

Ministry Of Salads - As the name suggests this is a salad bar where you can make your own salad or order from their signature menu. Each salad states the number of calories it contains to help you make better choices. The cafe also includes beverages and a small selection of sandwiches but sadly those do not have their calorie count stated on the menu.

Diet N Taste - This is not a restaurant but it is not every day that you come across a delivery outlet that has the word diet in its name. Diet N Taste are based in Andheri and all their food is for the health or diet conscious people including their pizzas and pasta which are healthier versions. The menu lists all the calories in each dish to help you order the meal best-suited dish for you.

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Written By
Roxanne Bamboat
Food & travel aficionado All Food Trends by Roxanne Bamboat

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