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Pizzas with Pizzaz

11 Jan, 2015 by Phantom

You wouldn’t think that there would be more than one or two restaurants serving pizza in Khan Market, would you? Well, you would be wrong. There are no fewer than five, each of them completely distinct. You can go to all five and yet have diverse experiences. 

The Big Chill
It has the first-mover advantage. Young at heart, peppy and attracting “teenagers” of all ages, from six to 60, its wall-to-wall Hollywood movie posters and music from the 70s and 80s set the tone. Quattro Formaggi, Piri Piri and Four Seasons are all hotsellers besides being vegetarian.

This cafe has friendly service, and could pass off as a trattoria in Rome, especially its second floor terrace. There are two pizza menus: one for Indianised versions; the other for Italian originals. Take your pick, but we prefer Napoletana over The Starving Celebrity!

La Vie
Tiny and a bit cramped, the smallest eatery in Khan Market actually has a brick pizza oven in one corner, manned by a chef who used to work in a pizzeria in Bolzano, Italy. We were delighted by the unusual Simply Eggplant. Don’t knock it till you try it. Their Pepperoni is as close to Italian pizza heaven as you can get on desi soil.

Town Hall 
It is not only the largest restaurant in the whole of Khan Market, it also has the longest menu that famously includes sushi and Thai food. But the pizzas here are a great option. The hottest seller is the White Pizza, with a scattering of baby corn, mushrooms and asparagus. Enjoy it on the terrace with a chilled glass of white wine.

Darkened interiors, thumping music and a hangout for young people. Paneer Tikka Pizza and Chicken Tikka Pizza are bestsellers here.

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