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Top 5 Places to get the best Caramel Custard in Pune

15 May, 2019 by Manish Menghani

Love Caramel? Love Custard? I’m sure you love a mix of both as well? That fluffy, rich and dense caramelly goodness with some sweetened milk and cream, that’s all you need after a good meal. Very few but some of these restaurants do it really well and you can not miss them.

Parsi Dhaba, Della Resorts and Adventure Park, Pune

The restaurant away from home offers a great Parsi style Caramel Custard. They make sure you have a great experience eating it. You will love the presentation of it and the taste is equally great as well. The mellow sweetness of the caramel in the custard is rather balanced and there is some extra caramel sauce in the dish to spike things up for your love for caramel.

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Social, Phoenix Market City, Viman Nagar

The simple and really well-done Caramel Custard here is inspired by those Irani eateries of Bombay. It is served on to an aluminium plate and the plate is surely not that fancy but that is what the theme is here. Do not worry though, because the taste is very reminiscent to one of those Irani eateries in the city. The Custard is garnered with some spun caramel on top and that is also a nice play on change of texture.

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Indigo Delicatessen, Koregaon Park, Pune

The finest Deli in town offers some outstanding desserts as well. The Caramel Custard here also does not fail a chance to impress you. It is served with some caramel garnish on the plate and also some edible flowers to make it look pretty. They even have a Crème Brulée that is flamed with Sambuca if you want something special but not on those caramel notes.

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China Grill, Viman Nagar, Pune

It may be strange for a Chinese restaurant to serve Caramel Custard but would not you love it after your favourite Chinese dish? A nice looking caramel custard that is very well sweetened and you might find it a little too sweet. So you have that extra caramel on the plate to counter that and add some good bitter notes to your palate.

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Gajalee, Bund Garden Road, Pune

The popular seafood restaurant in the city offers some really great Caramel Custard. It is smooth, rich and delicious. Something that people must know is how to not screw up the basics, and they have nailed it right. The smooth texture of the custard is more like a nice caramel milkshake if I may say, this is also because their custard is a little runny and not as firm as you would expect. But no complaints, because it tastes just fine!

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Written By
Manish Menghani
Pastry Chef | Food Photographer | @khaanapeenaetc on Instagram All Food Trends by Manish Menghani

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