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Power Of Mobile

07 Nov, 2017 by Rupali Dean

Festivals have continuously been a dwelling for people to get collected and have fun and with an enormous selection of fiestas besieged at different age groups and showcasing diverse activities, there is something out there for everyone.

The foremost promotion emphasis is typically on getting the word out via social media and to get folks talking about the event. By means of pictures and videos from preceding years, hashtags and interface all aid to generate that buzz! What can be better than endorsing an event than with recording of the event in full swing? Most festivals create an after event film to stimulate the upcoming festival and every time these videos are enormously successful. When one sees what one has missed in the past year, it is natural to get fascinated in going for it in the future. “Now more than ever, brands are using these platforms to establish a strong relationship with consumers and GST and Demonetization thought has affected, festival organizers continue to keep the experiential properties alive for the audience’, shares Martin Da Costa, CEO, Seventy Event Media Group. 

Social Influencers are widespread during such festivals, and imprints from their posts spike a lot of sales. This translates into the fact that these days’ consumers are anyways actively sharing content on social media throughout the most evocative periods of the festival, and brands absolutely take benefit of this by applying social functions into their advertisements that permit patrons to share within their networks.

With festivals fetching the background for the execution of brand new technology and millennials being the social generation persistently testing with the new technology is trending. For example, the India Bike Week where over 20,000 bikers from across the country will roll down to Goa to rejoice a week of riding, brotherhood, bikes, music and motoring heaven on the 24th and 25th of November 2017. It already has a Facebook page with 438,660 likes that share images and videos. Link to book tickets has already been created and by word of mouth alone this will be the biggest biker rave in Asia, thanks to Social Media!

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Rupali Dean
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