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Seasonal & Renewed @ Fire

12 Sep, 2016 by Rupali Dean

Modern Indian, Sustainability & Farm to Fork are not new words in the Lexicon of Fire’s Menu. Coupled with Ms Priya Paul’s vision and Chef Bakshish Dean being only too aware of the mammoth potential of his land; during peak harvest season, 85 percent of Fire’s menu over a decade ago included sustainably raised items from local farming communities. Fire those days offered an incredible selection of regional Indian cuisine with a contemporary presentation, served in an ambience that was (still is) extraordinarily stylish; thus making Fire the first Modern Indian restaurant in India where Chef Bakshish even dappled in Molecular gastronomy with dishes such as ‘spiced kesar mango ravioli’, ‘masala chai panacotta with cinnamon caviar and toasted fennel dust’ and ‘guava caviar with homemade chaat masala’.

Chef Abhishek Basu pays tribute to the same ethos with Fire’s new seasonal menu such as never before. Basu draws stimulus for his menus from the beats of the season and the exceptional, locally-sourced ingredients of his close network of small producers and artisans that he proudly displays for example The Altitude Store, Ehsaas Organics, Father Michael, Gayatri Organics, Krishi Cress, Navdania, Roger Langbour’s French Farm, Round Glass, Sanjeevani Organics to name a few. On offer is a combination of good taste with healthy food and modern presentations and familiar though slightly forgotten Indian ingredients (read kachampuli vinegar, Assamese ghost pepper, and desi cow ghee to name a few) with impulses from across the country with the best cooking procedures. Meaty fleshed tiger prawns, are wonderfully cooked with a glazed skin and tossed with bhoot jolokia, or say a broccoli sourced from the hills cooked like a tikka with a sprinkling of fennel. Another highlight is also the Madurai arasi idlis entwined around gun powder, nestle beside desi cow ghee and inji chutney which is both decadent and sensory enhanced by excellent quality produce and stylish presentation. The disparities between lavish and rustic, fresh and cooked, refined and humble craft a trance for the senses. This results in seamless poise of savour and texture, the exquisiteness of simplicity, and the modest sensuality in each course.

Points to be Noted

The achari risotto is a hot favourite and continues to be on the menu

Fire is the first Modern Indian restaurant in India

The menu is over 50% organic

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Written By
Rupali Dean
Food & Travel writing All Food Trends by Rupali Dean

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