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Top 5 Ways To Beat The Heat With Cold Coffee

17 Jun, 2017 by Susmita Saha

When chefs try to freshen up Cold Coffee recipes, the summer beverage scene looks upbeat. Recently EazyDiner partnered with The Leela Patisserie to create signature Nescafe recipes that put a tantalising spin on your regular brew. Curated by Anurag Barthwal, the pastry chef of The Leela Patisserie, the Cold Coffee recipes paired unlikely companions, and surprisingly awakened the jaded palate. Here are his four interpretations of Cold Coffee that will give expression to your creative streak.

High Protein Apple and Vanilla Nescafe Shake – A fun mix of apple compote, whey protein powder, vanilla ice cream, coffee, milk and sugar syrup, this can energise you for long hours. 

Soy Milk and Cherry Nescafe Frappe – Aimed at the lactose intolerant, this Cold Coffee recipe blends cherry gel with coffee, sugar syrup and soy milk and gives you an instant caffeine hit.

Classic Belgian Dark Chocolate and KitKat Nescafe Shake – A decadent medley of dark chocolate ice cream, chocolate, milk, sugar syrup and coffee, this fool-proof version of the Cold Coffee is for die-hard chocoholics.

Orange Marmalade and Banana Energising Nescafe Shake – Once you serve this non-conformist concoction to your guests, they are sure to stream in with high hopes. Put your experimental foot forward with orange marmalade, banana and caramel ice cream, caramelised banana, coffee, milk and sugar syrup, and conjure up a Cold Coffee that tastes like no other.

Since the warm weather is here to stay, it makes sense to be ahead of the culinary curve and whip up Cold Coffees that taste as spectacular as they look.

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Written By
Susmita Saha
Independent journalist All Food Trends by Susmita Saha

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