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Smoked Cocktails Festival

16 Sep, 2016 by Priyadarshini Chatterjee

You have had your cocktails shaken or stirred. Now, have them smoked. Smoky cocktails have been a rage in recent times and Smoke House Deli (in Quest Mall) has come up with a range of cocktails infused with fragrant fumes. The restaurant is calling its selection ‘Alchemy’ to give the city a taste of one of the hottest trends in mixology.

From a Kentucky (a mix of bourbon whiskey, apple juice and maple syrup, infused with maple) wood smoke to a Daiquiri flavoured with lemony fumes from the lemon zest added to the smoking chips, and even a tea-smoked margarita – the range is impressive. One of the popular picks on the menu is a mix of tequila, egg whites and lime juice infused with smoked Lapsang Souchong tea leaves – a variety of tea known for its deliciously smoky flavour. Besides, there is an apple wood-smoked vodka sour. Here, it is called the Misty Apple Sour: vodka topped up with green apple juice and perked up with a dash of lime, as well as a handful of chopped green apple thrown in for good measure. A wooden cork traps the smoke inside the glass. Or try the Rob Roy (scotch, sweet vermouth, fresh oranges and angostura bitters) infused with fragrant cherry wood smoke.

One of the bestsellers on the menu is the House Spices Smoked Sangria – potent concoction of red and port wine spiked with brandy, orange juice and liqueur, infused with flavours from fresh fruits steeped in it. It comes with a skewer of slightly grilled fruit dipped in it. What gives this sangria an edge, and a complex warmth, is the apple wood smoke spiced with a hint of cinnamon powder incorporated into the drink with a smoking gun.

And here is a little extra – a delightful vodka-based smoky cocktail with mango, chilli and mint, especially for you. It is not on the menu, but they will be happy to make it for you on request.

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