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The All New Menu At MasalaBar, Mumbai

08 Mar, 2017 by Mini Ribeiro

To remain relevant for their customers and offer them something new, restaurants often indulge in a menu change. Some do it once a year, others every few months. New inclusions in the menu also relieve chefs of monotony and give them an opportunity to push their boundaries. 

MasalaBar, Carter Road, Bandra, known for its handcrafted signature beverages and culinary innovation, is thus all set to offer its patrons an exclusive culinary experience with an all-new menu. Drawing inspiration from global cuisines, the new menu is an amalgamation of dishes using molecular gastronomy and modern techniques with a vast range of European and Pan-Asian offerings, while retaining their signature Indian dishes. 

Using fresh and high-quality ingredients, an array of dishes including Salads, Tacos, Flatbreads, Entrées and Desserts are a part of the menu offerings. This menu now focuses a lot more on food and gives diners ample healthy options to choose from, rather than the previous drinks-centric menu with Indian dishes only. 

With hearty figs and honey, the Carpaccio of watermelon and feta salad boasts of fresh flavours with creamy textures and yet offers a crunchy bite. Meat lovers can indulge in Thai Chicken Salad, pounded coriander and chillies with glass noodles, which is light and flavourful. The Duck and Orange Salad, with its subtle flavours, perks up the taste buds and is yet another interesting option. The delicate flavours have been dextrously handled and nowhere do the ingredients get lost with overpowering spices or herbs. 

Albondigas, a spicy Mexican Tomato based Meatball Soup bears testimony to the chef’s mastery over his craft, as it wows the palate with its melange of flavours and textures. With each dish, the culinary evolution that this menu denotes is evident. 

Palakpatta Tacos with Kidney Beans, Gooseberry Relish and Teckcha, Tofu and Paneer Khurchan, hauled Lamb Barrakhurchan, Gruyere Fondue with Shish Taouk and Lamb Souvlaki are some of the new dishes on the menu. Abounding in creativity, these are delightful and enable a diner to sample several cuisines. 

As a befitting finale to a creative menu, one can end one’s meal with an assortment of desserts like Chocolate Cappuccino, Peanut Butter Pie, drooling Red Velvet Bars, Matcha and White Chocolate Ice Cream

With a penchant for excellence and the conviction to try new techniques MasalaBar ensures an exciting new culinary experience awaits diners.  

Written By
Mini Ribeiro
Food critic, features writer and columnist All Food Trends by Mini Ribeiro

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