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Top 12 Places Where Dilliwaalas Go For Their Sushi

27 Oct, 2017 by Rupali Dean

The entire experience of eating sushi is amusement at its best where one can sip sake and appreciate the accomplished sushi chefs who dice, slice, roll and tuck flavorful tuna, salmon, eel, veggies etc into appetizing mouthfuls. 

Great For Health

Sushi is not only enjoyable but also very good for you, freshness is the most important aspect of sushi, its low in calories, sushi with oily fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, it is an excellent source of carbohydrate and protein, is gluten-free, aids digestion, is rich in vitamins and finally wasabi has powerful anti-bacterial properties.

Types Of Sushi


This is the easiest and the most versatile of all the varieties and is served in individual bowls or brought on the table on a large platter, the ingredients are often cooked and mixed together with sushi rice something closer to a rice salad. 


This is the stuffed variety and this form uses thin omelettes, cabbage leaves or deep-fried tofu as a wrapping material for sushi rice and other cooked ingredients. 


This is the pressed variety and is the oldest form of sushi developed from the ancient method of preserving fish by packing it tightly in boxes of fermented rice. Rice and other ingredients are pressed together in a wooden sushi mould to form a block which is then cut into bite-size pieces. 


The rolled or the Maki is the most recognizable sushi, it consists of rice and fish, vegetables or omelette rolled into a cylinder with seaweed aka Nori around it, also known as the nori maki. There are different types of rolled sushi – thin rolls are called hoso maki, the thick rolls, futo maki, inside-out rolls, uramaki and cornet shaped temaki. 


This is the hand-formed sushi which is the most popular form of sushi in Japan, the chef gently squeezes a small quantity of rice into and oval, adds some wasabi then presses on a thin slice of fish. 

Gunkan Maki

Finally, we have this battleship sushi which is especially for the fish roe and oysters as they do not stay on the sushi rice without some containment, the seaweed “nori” is cut wider than usual rolled around the sushi rice and the fish roe is then heaped inside giving it the battleship shape. 

Best Way To Eat

Most Sushi is eaten with chopsticks but it is perfectly acceptable to use your fingers. Sushi is always consumed by dipping it into soy sauce, make sure you do not drown your sushi in it, it has to be carefully dipped at one corner and when dipping the Nigiri Zushi turn it around and dip only the topping in the soy and then consume, one needs to be careful with wasabi as well dab a little on the piece before dipping it in soy, this way you can savor the flavor of the fish and the essence of wasabi and soy sauce. Pickled ginger though addictive is intended as a palate cleanser and should be eaten a slice at a time between different flavours of sushi. 

Favourites For Sushi In Delhi, NCR

MEGU at The Leela Chanakyapuri

Wasabi by Morimoto  at The Taj Mahal Hotel

Threesixtyone Degrees at The Oberoi Gurgaon

Akira Back at The JW Marriott

Sakura at The Metropolitan Hotel

Guppy at Lodhi Colony

Daikichi at Gurgaon 

Nagai, Sector 29, Gurgaon

Yum Yum Cha

The Kylin Experience

Spectra at The Leela Ambience Gurgaon

EEST At The Westin Gurgaon

Written By
Rupali Dean
Food & Travel writing All Food Trends by Rupali Dean

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