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The new menu at Vintage Asia, JW Marriott Kolkata

22 Dec, 2019 by Madhushree Basu Roy

When it comes to Oriental food in Kolkata, Vintage Asia promises to give a dining experience which you will never forget. Come winter, this signature fine dining restaurant of JW Marriott Kolkata has come out with a brand new menu. Chef Alexsander Cheng, at the helm of affairs, has curated a flavoursome menu which will make you swoon. While the old favourites still stand strong and proud, here are our top five picks from the new menu.

Traditional Thai Pork Salad - This has chunky pieces of pork belly with a crispy skin tossed with shallots, coriander leaves and thin slices of cucumber with a hint of chilli. A simple sweet and sour dressing of soy, palm sugar, fish sauce and more, turns this into a sensational dish.

Wok Tossed Prawns with Singaporean Chilli Sauce - Singaporean Chilli Sauce, in any case, has a bundle of flavours - hot, sweet, sour, salty with the earthiness from ginger and garlic lending its spunk. When deep-fried prawns with crispy heads are laced in this power-packed sauce, it is bound to be a crowd-pleaser. This dish is bursting with intense flavours from the chillies used and alluring aromas and it's a must-try.

Stir-fried Rice with Thai Chilli Paste and Basil - If you thought the Wok Tossed Prawns with Singaporean Chilli Sauce was good, then this Stir-fried Rice with Thai Chilli Paste is definitely the superstar in the menu. The two ingredients -Thai chilli paste and basil, run and swirl together, amplifying each other's flavours. And to top that, the aromatic jasmine rice transforms this everyday fried rice into a work of art.

Braised Spinach and Minced Chicken Egg White Soup - Who talks about soups when there is a menu covered with beautiful dishes, but the soups of Vintage Asia always stand out. This soup, with a stock which has an incredible depth of flavour, has finely chopped spinach which gives a nice earthy tone along with the textural egg drops. It is a very well balanced, warm and hearty soup to begin your meal with.

Matcha and Pistachio Cremeux with Raspberry Sorbet - With a multitude of elements on a single plate, this dessert not only looks pretty but tastes great too. One might wonder if the flavours would all go together but it does work brilliantly. There is a very light and airy micro sponge with a sweet, smooth layered Matcha Cremeux. There are crunchy bits of browned pistachio biscuits, a small kiss of meringue and explosive raspberry sorbet with a tart to balance the dessert in its entirety.

A meal for two will cost approximately INR 3500 ++

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Written By
Madhushree Basu Roy
Writer & Food enthusiast All Food Trends by Madhushree Basu Roy

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