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The Wild Side of Mumbai at SodaBottleOpenerWala

06 Dec, 2018 by Mini Ribeiro

SodaBottleOpenerWala, the popular quintessential Bombay-Irani Café and Bar, as part of its Bombay Old Fashioned initiative, started earlier this year, serves a unique menu titled The Wild Side of Bombay, featuring 3 unique thalis created from ingredients part-foraged, part-local and seasonal, and using recipes of the Varli Tribals who reside in and around Bombay.

The ‘Wild Side of Bombay’ menu, which is on-going, will be on offer till December 31, 2018, at SodaBottleOpenerWala - High Street Phoenix, Powai and Thane outlets in Mumbai.

One can opt for any of the 3 versions of the Tribal Thali – Vegetarian, Chicken and Crab, which include an array of traditional dishes which will tease your palate and give you an insight into hitherto unknown flavours. Priced at Rs 499, Rs 699 and Rs 799 plus taxes, respectively, the sumptuous thalis are value-for-money all the way.

The highlights of this menu are the locally sourced Mud Crab, which is usually cooked by tribals on special occasions, a country chicken cooked in the traditional tribal way and the Gouti Brinjal which is a local green coloured variant of brinjal, as well as Dal cooked with drumstick leaves, among many.

The food is rustic, with earthy flavours and fresh ingredients, cooked using simple techniques. “We are really proud of these three thalis crafted with a lot of love and care, with special attention to ensure tribal cooking traditions and recipes are not compromised", reiterates Anaida Parvaneh, Chef-Partner SodaBottleOpenerWala, Powai.

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Bombay Old Fashioned is SBOW’s way of presenting a slice of nostalgic Bombay to the new generation who may not have witnessed this spirit of this maximum city.

For the first edition in the 'Bombay Old Fashioned' series, in April 2018, SodaBottleOpenerWala teamed up with Ace fashion photographer Palash Bose to capture different elements of Bombay which are fading away and put up an exhibition at the Palladium Mall in Mumbai. For the second edition of 'Bombay Old Fashioned', a menu pairing classic Pakoras of Mumbai with Champagne was served to patrons and the varli tribal-inspired menu is the third.

Written By
Mini Ribeiro
Food critic, features writer and columnist All Food Trends by Mini Ribeiro

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