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Top 10 Sweets and Desserts for Diwali in Kolkata

19 Oct, 2017 by Madhushree Basu Roy

Diwali is all about celebrating with lights, crackers (well, they are now banned in certain parts of the country) and food. Families and friends get together to light diyas and candles and then party over some gorgeous food and unlike any other dinner party, where the dessert comes in the end; during Diwali, one gets overloaded with sweets and desserts, some which are made at home and some shop bought. But it is all about sweets. So here is our pick for top 10 sweets that one could buy from a shop and bring home or go out to a restaurant and try.

Black Currant Ice Cream Sandesh at Balaram Mullick & Radharaman Mullick is one fabulous Sandesh topped with blackcurrant jelly, some candied currants and a creamy malai filling, making it a sought-after Diwali delicacy. 

Price: Rs. 15 per piece

Summer may be over but mangoes are still doing the rounds in sweet shops. One of the very versatile ingredients, mango in a mishti works wonders. So try out the Mango Mousse at Hindustan Sweets, any of their outlets and buy in enough to impress your guests since one will never be enough. 

Price: Rs. 45 per piece

Talk about fusion food and Sanjha Chulha comes up with Mihidana Rabdi Tart. Mihidana is a favourite amongst Kolkatans and to use it as a filling inside a tart, where the tart itself has a thin chocolate coating is simply genius and tastes brilliant. 

Price: Rs. 100 

Aaheli at Peerless Inn is known for its exemplary Bengali cuisine which gets catapulted to another level by their incredible desserts or Mishti. Top quality ingredients go into making all their mishtis. This Diwali, try the kheer-er- Goja, perhaps the best in town.   

Price: Rs. 255 per plate

Phirnis are available across the city in a multitude of Mughlai restaurants but the Kesar Pista Phirni at G T Route, Jameson Inn Shiraz is one of its kinds. It is rich but not overwhelming, creamy and comforting at its best with the subtle flavour of saffron. 

Price: Rs. 70 per plate

If you are looking for something fruity and nutty, go for the Khajur barfis at Balaram Mullick and Radharaman Mullick which is a chewy overload of cashews, almonds, walnuts along with some sweet and sticky dates. 

Price: Rs. 20 per piece

Diwali is incomplete without laddus and that too, Motichooor ladoos made in pure desi ghee. Rush to Gupta Brothers for their Motichoor ladoos which are devilishly good. 

Price: Rs. 10 per piece or Rs. 300 per kg

Malpua Cheesecake at Bohemian is a classic fusion dessert and stands apart from any other malpua cheesecake in the city. The star anise flavoured chhena cheesecake layered with traditional malpuas is exceptionally executed and is a culinary masterpiece. 

Price: Rs. 279 per plate

Ganguram & Sons have a variety of Chocolate Sandesh in their various outlets. However, there is one Sandesh which has chocolate sauce floating in a cavity on top along with choco chips, which is a clear winner. 

Price: Rs. 18 per piece

Hotel Hindusthan International has an outrageously creative baap of fusion dessert called Lemon Poppy Laddu Mousse. It is a harmonious marriage of flavours in one plate of dessert and will impress the most discerning taste buds. 

Price: Rs. 280 plus taxes per plate

Written By
Madhushree Basu Roy
Writer & Food enthusiast All Food Trends by Madhushree Basu Roy

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