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Top 3 Regional Indian Restaurants In Gurgaon

24 Oct, 2017 by Rupali Dean


Away from the trodden track, discover a dreamy and other-century Goa this side of the Mondovi for Goan cuisine raised to a really grand degree. Charmingly unfussy, the interiors are redolent of a Goan home. A visit to this restaurant is a pure delight from Chrys and Cress Fernandes themselves; to the splendid food cause, they top it with the fabled warmth of the Goan people. Time-tested family recipes have been incorporated in the authentic Goan fare doled out of the restaurant. Share your food as all dishes are gratifying. 

Must Try - The Chourico-spicy Goa sausages cooked with potatoes and tomatoes, and it doesn’t get more bonafide than this that the Goan sausages are made in house!! Fish Curry and Rice but of course 

Where? -  A-237, DLF Super Mart 1, DLF Phase IV, Gurugram


The place is rampant with old-style Kashmiri bits and pieces that are just as striking and comfortable as the food. You would surely lick your fingers, figuratively as you dig into the ‘Kabargah’ ( mutton ribs marinated in milk and spices and pan-fried till crisp) or the ‘kebabs’ followed by an enjoyable main course of Rice, Rajma, and a Yakhni or Roganjosh. Recommendations go all out for the spectacularly creamy Phirni. On offer is also a Set menu (read Thali) that offers excellent value and an opportunity to sample a wide variety of dishes. 

Must Try - Roganjosh, Hak, Rajma, Yakhni

Where? -  3 Dlf city court MG Road, Gurugram

Curry Singh

The curries pay homage to North Indian flavours like never before and are well matched with a choice of bread. The beauty of the concept also lies in the fact that there are only 5 dishes on the menu and are made fresh twice a day. The Meat curry and Lachha Parantha are excellent and the Dal Makhni is the vanity and delight of the restaurant. The place is raucous most of the time as it is well patronized. So people, go desi in Dhaba for it is true enhancement for the appreciative Palette.

Must Try - Dahi Chicken, Vegetable of the day, homemade kheer

Where? - Shop No DG01, Unitech Arcadia –II (Rodeo Drive), South City –II, Gurugram

Written By
Rupali Dean
Food & Travel writing All Food Trends by Rupali Dean

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