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Top 5 Flavourful Soups to Try in Mumbai this Monsoon

02 Jul, 2019 by Mini Ribeiro

The rains lashing on the window panes and a drop in temperature, makes you crave for a bowl of hot soup, which is nourishing and plate-pleasing. It is the hot bowl or ‘cuppa’ soup that provides the ultimate comfort for your body and soul. Bubbling, rich and packed with flavours, an aromatic hot soup can be the perfect solution to the dull and gloomy weather. Soups can be clear or with vegetables, meat and seafood, depending upon one’s preference.

Interestingly, every cuisine offers soups. But of course, soups consumed in monsoons, need to be spicy to give that much-needed zing. Thukpa, Tom Yum, Ramen bowls, Miso soups, are typical choices. Restaurants in Mumbai offer enough options, across cuisines and there is a soup for everyone. My top 5 picks:

Tomato Saar at Indigo Delicatessen, Andheri West, Western Suburbs

It is not as if one can enjoy a Pan-Asian soup only during the monsoons. This rustic Indian Tomato Saar, as part of the new menu, is a delight for the taste buds. The thick tomato broth, tempered with hing and mustard, with diverse Indian flavours, perks up your taste buds immediately.

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Classic Miso at Pa Pa Ya, Colaba, South Mumbai

This savoury soup with a distinct Umami taste, blending the miso and dashi favours, teases the taste buds this season. The well-made Miso Soup served at Pa Pa Ya, is the perfect answer to monsoon blues and a bowl of this can be extremely comforting.

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Sichuan Hot and Sour Fish Soup at Dragonfly Experience, The Orb Mumbai

This tangy and spicy soup, is bound to wow the palate of any seafood lover. With distinct fish flavours, the spices, work as the perfect balance and the resultant broth, is palate-pleasing all the way. 

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Truffle Clear Soup with Bamboo Pith at KOKO, Lower Parel, South Mumbai

This vegetarian soup with unique and subtle flavours, although light, is tantalising for the palate and exceedingly well-made, as the bamboo mushroom, imparts a nice texture to the soup, giving it body. 

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Thukpa at Pink Panther, Prabhadevi

Nothing can be more comforting than a bowl of piping hot Thukpa - the Tibetan Noodle Soup, in this season. The Chicken Thukpa here is a generous portion of noodles and a well-spiced broth and a bowl full of it can be a complete meal. Of course, it comes in a vegetarian version too.

Written By
Mini Ribeiro
Food critic, features writer and columnist All Food Trends by Mini Ribeiro

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