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Top 5 Galouti Kebabs you must try in Mumbai

23 Oct, 2018 by Mini Ribeiro

Synonymous with Awadhi cuisine, this classic melt-in-the-mouth kebab is made with freshly ground mince along with myriad aromatic spices, shaped into a patty, shallow fried on a tawa and typically served on an ulta-tawa paratha. An irresistible combination, this kebab is hugely popular with gourmands and now comes in Vegetarian versions too, which at times skillfully mimic the original. Several chefs in Mumbai pull off the innovative twists, but the original, of course, continues to be a hot favourite, mine included. My top 5 picks for the best ones in Mumbai.

Lamb Galouti Kebab, Kangan, Westin Mumbai Garden City, Goregaon East 

This melt-in-the-mouth velvety kebab at Kangan is a treat no gourmand can resist. 'Chef Danish' offers his version with distinct smoked flavours of the lamb, blended with Awadhi spices, resulting in a mouth-watering kebab, which is a palate-pleaser all the way. 

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Galouti Shatavar, Ummrao, Andheri East 

'Chef Mukhtar Qureshi’s' take on this classic kebab is exemplary. While keeping the flavours and textures intact, he offers a vegetarian one with unusual ingredients - asparagus, blended with hand-picked spices and the resultant kebab, is a delight for the palate of carnivores too. 

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Galouti Kebab, Tamak, Santacruz

Almost every restaurant serving North Indian cuisine offers this kebab on its menu and Tamak is no exception. 'Chef Vikram Arora', offers an authentic one with his characteristic twist. Smoked and spiced to perfection with a modern presentation, this one wows your palate immediately. Begin your meal with this Galouti Kebab and you are off to a great start. 

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Wild Mushroom Galouti on Toast at Lord of the Drinks, Lower Parel

This classic kebab is served here with a contemporary spin and the innovation is subtle, yet appealing. The smoky Galouti Kebab with Wild Mushrooms and a strong meaty texture is served on a Garlic Mini Toast and topped with Feta and Pearl Onions. Pleasing to the eye, it tickles the taste buds with its melange of flavours and textures. A winner all the way. 

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Beetroot Galouti at Sindhful, Khar

This kebab with a distinct red hue here has an unmistakable appeal. A bite into it and the textures are strongly reminiscent of the classic meat one. Exceedingly well-made and flavoured, one truly does not mind this vegetarian variety for a change.

Written By
Mini Ribeiro
Food critic, features writer and columnist All Food Trends by Mini Ribeiro

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