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Top 5 Joints which serve awesome Vegetarian Winter Dishes in Ahmedabad

25 Nov, 2018 by Sonal Kellogg

Winter is coming as far as the popular TV serial Game of Thrones is concerned but in most parts of India winter has come and along with it has come winter specific foods which are designed to keep us warm and healthy. India’s culinary tradition is centuries old. We have gained knowledge about food and its properties from ancient times. Though now we have learnt about the therapeutic properties of turmeric and ginger scientifically, however, we have had knowledge about this passed down to us through our grandmothers for generations.

Gujaratis have their own vegetarian dishes which bring warmth to the body during the winter months. Also, there is the question of availability of food. So many more green vegetables are available from October to February which are perfect for winter special dishes.

Topping the list of dishes in Gujarat is Undhiyu, Lilotri Kachori (Green Kachori), Gunder Pak, Thotha (Green Tuvar Dal), Bajra Rotla, Methi Thepla and many such other Gujarati and regional winter dishes from different states. We bring to you a list of 5 places serving great vegetarian winter dishes to warm you this season in Ahmedabad

List of top 5 restaurants serving winter foods in Ahmedabad:


This sweet and snack joint is ready with winter delicacies.


You can get Gond Laddu, Son Halwa, Aradia Pak, Sing Pak, Gajjar Halwa, Gajak and Revdi. You will also get savoury dishes like Green Kachori. There are many Gwalia outlets in the city, in Bodakdev, Prahlad Nagar and Gurukul among other places.

Price for 2: Rs 1000

Mehta Chavana and Sweets

This eatery is located near Kankaria Lake in Mani Nagar area.

Lilva Kachori (Green Kachori)


The winter menu here includes Lilva Kachori (Green Kachori), Jalebi, Undhiyu.


This is one of the best-known places for Undhiyu and Green Kachori. They also make winter sweets like Gajjar Halwa, Aradia Pak and other items.

Price for 2: Rs 800

Purohit Thali

Located in Drive-in area, this small thali restaurant has introduced an extensive winter menu which includes Tuvar Ringan nu Shak, Bajra Rotla, Undhiyu, Methi Thepla, Bengan Bhartha, Mula Dhokli, Sev Tameta nu Shak. The menu is simple but the food here is just like home cooking and it is tasty.

Price for 2: Rs 400

Jassi Ke Paranthe

This restaurant has rapidly grown to many branches now.

Haldi Lasan Da Shorba

Sarson Ka Saag, Makki Roti

Bajre Rotla, Baingan Bhartha

The winter menu here is extensive beginning with Haldi Lasan Da Shorba, Sarson Ka Saag, Makki Roti, Bajre Rotla, Baingan Bhartha, Jawar Ki Roti, Haldi Mutter Ki Sabzi, Dal Bati, Gajar Da Halwa, and also Ghee Gur Ki Churi. So enjoy these warm winter foods and some incredible Indian desserts. They have outlets in Vastrapur, Prahlad Nagar, Naranpura and Odhav.

Price for 2: Rs 1000

Mirch Masala

This restaurant is now a brand name in Ahmedabad serving North Indian cuisine, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian option. Their winter menu includes Sarson Ka Saag, Baigan Ka Bharta, Makai Ki Roti, Hara Lasun Ki Sabzi and Gajar Ka Halwa. Mirch Masala has many outlets across the city, on C G Road, Bodakdev, Chandkheda, Satellite and Mani Nagar.

Price for 2: Rs 1200

Written By
Sonal Kellogg
Author, writer and food enthusiast All Food Trends by Sonal Kellogg

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