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Top 5 Places in Goa for a Seafood Thali

05 Jul, 2018 by Mini Ribeiro

When in Goa, one always has seafood on one’s mind. Naturally then, a Seafood Thali often sounds like the perfect choice to taste a variety of dishes. A thali can be a complete and satiating meal which tantalises the taste buds with a melange of flavour and textures. The fresh catch of the day, fried to perfection, adds to the experience. The coconut-based curries, which are often fiery, are equally a palate pleaser. Paired with rice, these make a delectable combination. Across Goa, there are restaurants which offer sea food thalis-ranging from homely simple fare to an elaborate meal. There is one for every pocket. Head to any of these 5 places and relish your perfect sea food thali.

Alfama, Cidade de Goa, Panjim

This sumptuous thali comprises a vast array of dishes, which are a treat for the palate. Lobster Balchao, Prawns Curry, Goa or Steamed rice, Rawa King Fish Fry, Kismoor, are among the many offerings. Cooked with good quality and fresh ingredients, the spices here are spot on and the flavours well-balanced, but tantalising nevertheless. Available for dinner only, you cannot ask for a better seafood indulgence. 

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Ritz Classic, Panjim

No trip to Goa is complete without a visit to Ritz Classic a restaurant which pioneered sea food thalis. The newer outpost in Patto, is more swanky and spacious. The thali here remains top notch as always and the tangy, tart and spicy flavours are heart-warming. Chonak, King Fish, Surmai, Mankyo – each of these are cooked to perfection and served in varied forms, both curry and fried. The portions are generous and leave you deeply satisfied.

Anantashram, Vasco

A haven for seafood lovers, apart from the famed Biryani, this place serves one of the finest fish thalis in Goa. Simple, home-style food is what you can expect here. The quality of the fish and the well-spiced preparations are unparalleled. Add to that, the easy-on-the-wallet price. From Fried Mackerels to Surmai and the Tangy Fish Curry with Rice, one can savour it all in this thali.

Copperleaf, Porvorim

Fish Curry, Prawns Kishmoor, Tisryo Sukha, Fish Rawa Fry, are among some of the delicacies served on this elaborate thali. The food is well-presented and the thali boasts of flavours which are spot on. This thali is bound to satiate and appease the palate of any seafood lover.

Star Light, Arpora

The special Fish Thali here makes you ravenous, the moment it appears on your table. The offerings are simple, rustic but flavourful. The selection is fairly varied and the spicy flavours add zest to your palate. Fleshy, fresh, melt in the mouth fish, is served here in myriad preparations. A place with a modest ambience, head here if you want to experience the real taste of Goa.

Written By
Mini Ribeiro
Food critic, features writer and columnist All Food Trends by Mini Ribeiro

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