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Top 5 Restaurants Serving Dal Bati Churma in Ahmedabad

04 Dec, 2018 by Sonal Kellogg

Rajasthan is well known for its forts, culture and food. Its tourism is well developed with lots of tourist places, forts to visit and fairs to see. Along with tourism, its food has also developed. Dal Bati Churma, Lal Maas, and Gatte Ki Subzi are its most popular dishes. In Gujarat, being more inclined towards vegetarianism, Dal Bati Churma has gained popularity.

The dish consists mainly of Baked Wheat Balls, Dal, Ghee, Gur and accompaniments like pickles and chutneys, which is a wholesome meal. It is good in all seasons but in winter the ghee and gur are supposed to also help in warding off the cold so it is especially popular across the border in Gujarat in the winter months.

In Ahmedabad, lots of places serve Dal Bati as part of their thali meals but that might not be a daily affair. We bring you the top five places for this Rajasthani staple as well as delicacy.

List of top 5 restaurants serving Dal Bati Churma in Ahmedabad:

Green House, The House of MG

This open café is part of the heritage property The House of MG in Lal Darwaja area. It is open from 07:00 am to 11:00 pm. Green House serves many snacks and traditional foods mainly from Gujarat and also a few dishes from other regions. You can get Dal Bati and Churma at all times in this place. The ambience is very good here, especially in the winter months.

Price for 2: Rs 1500

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Jain Dal Bati

Located in Prahladnagar area, this restaurant mainly serves Dal Bati Churma and its various accompaniments including buttermilk, papad, lassi, etc. Here you will get lots of variety of Dal Bati from Jain Dal Bati as the name suggests to regular Dal Bati. There is also Churma with Sugar, with Gur, with Almonds, etc. It is open from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm.

Price for 2: Rs 400

Jassi De Paranthe

This restaurant serves dozens of different paranthas but in winter they also serve Dal Bati Churma along with Ghee and pickles. There are 4 different branches of Jassi De Paranthe which are in Vastrapur, Prahlad Nagar, Naranpura and Odhav. It is open for lunch and dinner and this is a vegetarian place.

Price for 2: Rs 650

Purohit Thali

The restaurant located on Drive-in Road provides home-style cooking. They serve thali meals and have Dal Bati regularly as part of the thali. However, you can also get Dal Bati Churma as a combo meal. This is a vegetarian place and it is really easy on the pocket.

Price for 2: Rs 300


Located in Vastrapur area, Dhabagiri is on IIM Road. It is a vegetarian place open for lunch and dinner. It serves mainly North Indian food and lots of fusion foods also like Bajra and Makai base pizzas. They serve Dal Bati, the steamed version of instead of the more popular baked version.

Price for 2: Rs 600

Written By
Sonal Kellogg
Author, writer and food enthusiast All Food Trends by Sonal Kellogg

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