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Top 4 Restaurants Serving Tasty Non Vegetarian Soups in Ahmedabad

30 Jan, 2019 by Sonal Kellogg

Winter chills have well and truly set and everyone is looking for ways to keep warm but if you are also keen to watch your calorie intake, then your choices get limited to soups, green teas and dry fruits. In Ahmedabad, there are many ways to ward off the cold by consuming warm foods, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian but they can have lots of calories. There are also a whole lot of winter sweets but again it means extra calories.

So, we zeroed in on soups and since people here love Chinese cuisine, we looked up restaurants which serve awesome non-vegetarian Chinese soups, the perfect way to watch calories and also keep yourself warm. Soups bring warmth which is hard to replicate and Chinese soups have lots of variety, ingredients and awesome taste. Also, soups are wholesome and nutritious. So for that nice fuzzy warm feeling have some delicious hot soup and we will tell you where you can get the best Chinese soups in the city.

List of top 5 restaurants of star hotels serving delicious non-vegetarian Chinese soups in Ahmedabad:

The China House, Hyatt Regency, Ahmedabad

This is the best place to have awesome Chinese soups. Here you will get the most authentic and delicious taste made by their Chinese chef. Truly a delight. The food served here is Chinese, Japanese Asian. Try their Traditional Hot and Sour Chicken Soup with Bamboo Shoots, a signature dish. The China House is open for lunch and dinner and it is located on Ashram Road.

Price for 2: Rs 2400

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Asia Kitchen, Holiday Inn Express, Ahmedabad

Holiday Inn Express hotel is located on Ashram Road and Asia Kitchen is their sole restaurant. It serves very good Chinese and other oriental foods. This place is open from 10.30 am to 11.30 pm and it serves many oriental flavours. Try the Lemony Peppercorn Hot and Sour Soup. You can choose both vegetarian and non-vegetarian versions of this soup here.

Price for 2: Rs 1500

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Garden Cafe, The Fern, Ahmedabad

Located on S G Highway, this is a 24-hour restaurant so here you can get soups even late at night when other places have shut down. This restaurant is a multi-cuisine restaurant and it has amazing soups on the menu. The Garden Cafe is located on the ground floor and it is a nice place for hot soup. 

Price for 2: Rs 1400 

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Hibachi, Regenta Central Antarim Hotel

This is an Asian restaurant which is open only in the evenings. It is located off C G Road in Navrangpura area. This is a ground floor restaurant and it serves amazing food. Try the Lung Fung Soup here. It has both Chicken and Prawns in it. 

Price for 2: Rs 1800 

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TG’s The Oriental Grill, Hyatt, Ahmedabad

This restaurant located in Vastrapur area opens only in the evening for dinner. It serves all far-eastern cuisines which include Chinese cuisine. It also has some amazing soups which go so very nicely with its grilled and barbecued meats which are cooked on Teppanyaki grills here. Try the Burnt Garlic Soup. Yummy!

Price for 2: Rs 1500

Written By
Sonal Kellogg
Author, writer and food enthusiast All Food Trends by Sonal Kellogg

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