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Top 5 Sushi Places in Pune

14 Feb, 2019 by Manish Menghani

Time and again we realise that now we have over 5 good restaurants in the city which dish out some of the best sushi possible. The options are limited but they are all superb in terms of finesse, presentation and of course, the taste. Not many of you fancy the raw fish goodness? Even you will be sorted with those vegetarian options, yeah, many of you would be laughing reading this because sushi and veg do not match.

Shizusan, Viman Nagar, Pune

This is one of the first standalone restaurants to open a nice Sushi bar and it is downright delicious. They possibly have the most variety when it comes to Sushi Rolls, probably even more experimental by the additions of assorted mushrooms, even carrots and wrapping the rice with spinach leaves. We love the Spicy and Crunchy Tuna and Mudcrab Salad Sushi, both are nice renditions of something that is experienced less in Pune. The service is nice and quick and the ambience is rather mild and bright for any day.

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Harry's Bar & Kitchen, Koregaon Park, Pune

This new happening bar from Singapore is now in Pune is here to stay, not only because of the outstanding ambience and vibe of the place but also some really amazing food. A select section of the Sushi rolls here includes the classic and they are done damn right. The Fish Tempura Maki Rolls are nice and it is more like their version of Fish and Chips whit sushi, but it is complimented with Spicy Cucumber and some Toasted Sesame.

Tip: They even have the Unlimited Sushi and Dimsum lunch that is priced at Rs. 699, valid from Monday to Friday; 12 noon to 04:00 pm.

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Koji, Conrad Pune, Pune

One of the finest places to eat sushi has been around for almost a decade and why not! The quality of the ingredients instantly reflects in the taste. Sure, it is also one of the rather expensive restaurants for sushi but that is what they charge for some fine produce across the globe.

Here, they make a Prawn Tempura with Smoked Salmon and pair it with spicy mayonnaise, finish it with edible greens, looks great, tastes fab and you would love such an experience dining at this posh restaurant. If you are more than 4 people who can share sushi, you can go for the Sushi Boat that comes with over 6 types of assorted rolls and sashimi.

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Harajuku, The O Hotel Pune

Even this restaurant was one of the first few to start sushi in Pune and initially very few people actually knew what sushi is and more about it. Now, people are more aware and a lot of us choose this place because of the pricing in relation to its service and ambience. After all, it is a star hotel and the complete experience of dining at this restaurant is nice and immersive, something that will stay in your memory for quite a while.

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Mamagoto, The Pavillion, Senapati Bapat Road

The newly launched restaurant is all fancy and nice, the brief sushi menu is also really appealing and interesting for sushi lovers. With just about 6 options on the menu, the rolls are nice and there is something for everyone. The Ebi Roll or the Classic California Rolls, with flying fish roe and Japanese mayo, what else could you ask for! Did someone say Chicken and Sushi? They have that too, with a Katsu Style BBQ Rub. Any takers?

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Written By
Manish Menghani
Pastry Chef | Food Photographer | @khaanapeenaetc on Instagram All Food Trends by Manish Menghani

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