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Kolkata's Top 5 Thai Restaurants

09 May, 2017 by Madhushree Basu Roy

Kolkata, as a city has a very close connection or bond with Thailand. It could be because of the proximity to Thailand and daily cheap flights to Bangkok, cheaper than domestic travel. Singapore is closer but Kolkatans do not need a reason to hop on a flight to Bangkok. The love for affordable street food as well as seafood could be another connection. We love Thai food and almost all the restaurants and small cafes end up having different kinds of Thai curries in their menu. However, there are only a handful of restaurants serving good Thai food. 

Baan Thai at The Oberoi Grand Kolkata has always been my favourite Thai place in the city. Albeit it is expensive but the food is simply phenomenal. Their curries, all of them are made from in-house made paste and the taste of the curries is simply superior. Chef Klae Somsuay from Thailand personally takes care of each and every dish that goes out of the kitchen. Try the Chicken Satay, Hor Mok dishes and even the desserts. Every dish is infused with the aroma of Thai herbs and has a perfect balance of flavours.

Benjarong is located inside the South City Mall. Currently, the mall is under renovation; hence they have temporarily shut their operations. However, as soon as the mall reopens, they too will start their business. If you do not want to pay too much but still enjoy your Thai food, this is the place. Over the years, they have earned a name for themselves in the forte of good quality Thai food. Chicken Pandunas or chicken marinated in Thai spices and then wrapped in a banana leaf and finally deep fried is a sought-after dish at this restaurant. The Massaman Curry is also a must try dish here. 

SOI is a newly opened restaurant close to the Central business district of the city. Even though it is all about Asian street food, they are very strong in their Thai dishes. Very upscale and posh interiors with contemporary funky music, the place is aesthetically vibrant. Coming to the food, without a doubt, one must try the Green Curry served in a fondue bowl to keep it warm throughout. Some of the steamed dishes which are wrapped in banana leaves and steamed are truly incredible. 

Mamagoto is a part of the nationwide mini-chain focussing on fun Asian food. Here too, you can find street food from all over South East Asia but some of their best dishes are the Thai ones. It is centrally located on Park Street and is a two-tier restaurant. It has an industrial look with an open kitchen and a fun vibe overall. Street Chicken Satay, Grilled Fish rubbed in red hot sambal sauce, spicy Bangkok bowl filled with the goodness of vegetables and chicken spiked with Thai herbs are must-try dishes. 

Asia Kitchen By Mainland China has made its mark in the genre of Asian food. Located inside the newest mall in the city, Acropolis Mall, it caters to the taste buds of people from the South of Kolkata. Even though they are good in all the Asian cuisines, the Thai food is exceptional and stands apart. Crispy Corn With Kaffir Lime, Grilled Tofu With Sambal Salsa, Stir Fried Lemongrass Chicken, The Lamb Massaman Curry and the Bhekti in Thai herbs are all must have dishes.

Here are some of the Top Restaurants in Kolkata

Written By
Madhushree Basu Roy
Writer & Food enthusiast All Food Trends by Madhushree Basu Roy

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