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Top 5 Vegetarian Family Restaurants in Ahmedabad

18 Sep, 2019 by Sonal Kellogg

There is a famous saying a family that eats together stays together or something to that effect. Most families make the most of their time together by having fun, taking time to go out together, go on holidays and also go out on picnics and outings.

Eating out in restaurants probably remains one of the most preferred activities for families after maybe taking a vacation together. Some restaurants are just tailor-made for family outings with large spaces, multi-cuisine menus and fun activities for the children. Ahmedabad being a predominantly vegetarian place at least for the eating out crowd, many family restaurants here are vegetarian.

We have picked up some of the best family restaurants which are vegetarian for you to enjoy this summer.

List of vegetarian family restaurants in Ahmedabad

650 - The Global Kitchen, Ambavadi, West Ahmedabad

As the name suggests, this is a fusion food restaurant with North Indian, Italian, Continental and other cuisines served with an Indian touch. It is a vegetarian restaurant which is open for lunch and dinner. This place has an ancient look with sandstone exteriors and stone façade which give it a nice royal look. It is a huge restaurant with nice interiors and lots of greenery outside.

Price for 2: Rs 900

The Jungle Bhookh, Ellis Bridge, Central Ahmedabad

This restaurant is located in Ellis Bridge on the first floor. It has a jungle theme with rough uneven jungle interiors, animal models and hunting paraphernalia in keeping with the theme. The walls also have jungle-like paintings and animal cutouts. Children love this place. It serves North Indian and Chinese cuisine.

Price for 2: Rs 700

Global Desi Tadkaa, Satellite, West Ahmedabad

This is a huge multi-cuisine vegetarian restaurant with dhaba style décor in the interiors. It serves North Indian, Rajasthani, Gujarati, Chinese, Italian and Indian and other fast foods. Here there are cubicles on the sides to sit in and a lot of open space in the middle so children can move around and during parties, they can dance and have fun.

Price for 2: Rs 1000

Vishalla, Vasna, Central Ahmedabad

This is a 40-year-old restaurant which was the first one build with a village setting. It has a lot of open space with beautifully kept gardens and hut-like enclosures with open sides where one can sit. It serves authentic Gujarati food is served in bell metal plates and glasses on low stools. Here you can view folk dancers perform while you enjoy your meal. You can also visit a utensils museum which is located on one side of the restaurant. It is located in Vasna on the outskirts of the city.

Price for 2: Rs 1600

Rajwadu, Vejalpur, West Ahmedabad

Located in Vejalpur, this is another open restaurant with a village setting theme. It has lots of open space, beautiful gardens and it is open only in the evening. Here one can relax on wooden cots in the open while watching different folk dancers and other artists. You can also buy bandhani and other crafts of both Gujarat and Rajasthan here. Rajwadu serves Gujarati and Rajasthani food here. It is open only in the evenings after 07:00 pm.

Price for 2: Rs 1300

Written By
Sonal Kellogg
Author, writer and food enthusiast All Food Trends by Sonal Kellogg

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